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What is a slough?
Published NOAA  9/23/2013
A slough (pronounced "slew") is typically used to describe wetlands. Sloughs along the edges of rivers form where the old channel of the river once flowed. These areas are also referred to as oxbows because they tend to form at a bend in the old river bed, making them look like the horns of an ox ...
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How do we forecast harmful algal blooms?
Published NOAA  1/6/2012
NOAA's Harmful Algal Bloom Operational Forecast System in the Gulf of Mexico identifies whether or not a bloom of algae is likely to contain a toxic species, where it is, how big it is, where it's headed, and if it could become more severe in the near future. Like a weather forecast, this system ...
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What Is A Dead Zone In An Ocean?
Published The Good Human  8/21/2011
What is a dead zone in an ocean or other body of water? So-called dead zones are areas of large bodies of water typically in the ocean but also occasionally in lakes and even rivers that do not have enough oxygen to support marine life. The cause of such hypoxic (lacking oxygen) conditions is

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What are the limitations of centrifugal pumps?
Published Chemical Processing  7/5/2011
I know positive displacement pumps deliver fixed flow with pressure affected by downstream piping system, but when we supply the suction of a screw rotary pump with a centrifugal pump in series arrangement, some doubt arises. What would be the effect of centrifugal discharge pressure injecting screw

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Green Choices for Lawn and Garden
Published Green Living Guy  5/17/2011
Source: The Nature ConservancyThe Nature Conservancy offers 5 practical steps to prevent nutrient pollutionEveryone needs clean, fresh water. Keeping our water clean is crucial to supporting life, for both people and nature. As spring weather spreads across North America, The Nature Conservancy ...
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How can you tell the difference between an oil slick and an algal bloom?
Published NOAA  4/26/2011
While it's relatively common to spot unidentified dark or reddish patches on the surface of the ocean in coastal areas around the U.S., it's not always easy to discern by sight what the substance is that's creating the disturbance. Often, offshore patches of discolored water are the result ...
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What can the ocean teach us about life on other planets?
Published NOAA  4/3/2011 2:12:42 AM
Life on Earth is found in conditions ranging from the coldest arctic ice to extremely hot hydrothermal systems on the ocean floor. Microbes are also found in very acidic conditions, very salty conditions, and very alkaline conditions. These microbes are called

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What is IOOS?
Published NOAA  4/3/2011 2:12:07 AM
IOOS coastal and marine data (e.g., water temperature, water level, currents, winds, and waves) are collected by many different tools including satellites, buoys, tide gauges, radar stations, and underwater vehicles. A variety of tools is needed to collect data on global, national, regional, ...
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Red Tides: When Tiny, Toxic, Single-Celled Animals Attack!
Published Webecoist  3/29/2011 6:00:04 PM
Red tides kill huge schools of fish, poison oyster and shellfish beds, and leave swimmers' skin itchy, irritated and inflamed. Is this a case of nature running amok, or is human activity at least partly to blame? ...
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Groundwater - Everything You Need to Know About What You Drink
Published Planet Green  7/6/2010 1:30:00 PM
What is groundwater? Groundwater is fresh water located underground in porous soil or fractures in rock formations. Collections of groundwater are called aquifers, and we draw from aquifers for drinking water and water for use in everything form irrigation to agriculture to manufacturing.
http://planetgreen.discovery.c ...
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Photo: Muskrat swims along

Photo: Muskrat swims along
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Scientists Develop Membrane that Responds to Solvent Vapor

Scientists Develop Membrane that Responds to
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    Floating Arctic Harvester Farm Uses Water from Melting Icebergs to Feed Greenland

    Floating Arctic Harvester Farm Uses Water from
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    Heading to the Beach? Know Which are the Cleanest and Which Are the Dirtiest

    Heading to the Beach? Know Which are the Cleanest
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    Oil Disaster Trial Phase 2: BP vs. Reality

    Oil Disaster Trial Phase 2: BP vs. Reality
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    India To Build World’s Largest Onshore Floating Solar Power Project

    India To Build World’s Largest Onshore Floating
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    Coke, WWF Highlight Progress Toward 2020 Water Goals in 1st Annual Review

    Coke, WWF Highlight Progress Toward 2020 Water
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    Catalytic Activity of Palladium(II) and Osmium(VIII) on the Oxidation of Chloramphenicol by Copper(III) Periodate Complex in Aqueous Alkaline Medium—A Comparative Kinetic and Mechanistic Approach

    Catalytic Activity of Palladium(II) and
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