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Abstract: The objective of this project is to investigate a wide range of technology, policy and market factors with the goal to identify those options that have the greatest potential to restore the economic competitiveness of nuclear power in the

Notice of public meeting and participant funding for the less than em greater than Regulatory Oversight Report for Uranium Mines, Mills, Historic and Decommissioned Sites in Canada: 2015 less than /em greater than

Barry SheppardSan FranciscoSaturday, April 22, 2017During last year’s presidential election campaign, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump favoured a more militarised foreign policy. They differed on the main target: Clinton aimed at Russia, while

Notice of public hearing and participant funding offering for Ontario Power Generation Inc. s Pickering Waste Management Facility licence renewal

Ehsan M. Ahrari is an adjunct research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College, and the CEO of Strategic Paradigms—a foreign and defense policy consultancy based in Alexandria, Virginia. He specializes in Great Power

What the Trump administration doesn&Number 039 t understand about clean air

When she was 16, Monica Pham mapped out her future. “My chemistry teacher was talking about how atoms could generate unlimited power,” Pham recalls. “I asked her what kind of person worked in this field, and when she said a nuclear engineer, I decid

The French Academy of Sciences said Thursday that the country's policy of reducing its dependence on nuclear power was a step in the wrong direction considering the country's goal of reducing harmful carbon emissions that contribute to globa

Enhancing Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Security in Africa
Strengthening national regulatory frameworks for nuclear security against threats from malicious acts involving nuclear or other radioactive material in Africa is the main objective of a comprehensive IAEA project on 'Enhancing National Regulatory F

Minnesota Company, PaR Systems, Inc. Will Be Featured on NOVA Documentary,

Minnesota Company, PaR Systems, Inc. Will Be

Finland s Green Party says humanity must embrace nuclear power

Finland s Green Party says humanity must embrace

Japan’s Nuclear Shutdown

Japan’s Nuclear Shutdown

New Web-Based System Streamlines Safeguards Information Exchange With IAEA

New Web-Based System Streamlines Safeguards

The Democrats’ arms-control agenda is a failure

The Democrats’ arms-control agenda is a failure

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