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Republican congressman skips town halls, holds invitation-only conference call instead
“He’s getting to a point now where it’s like it’s beyond hiding.”Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) in cardboard form at a town hall in Livingston, New Jersey, February 24, 2017. CREDIT: Rick FreemanLIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY?—?One thing about a town hall

Kendall Jenner’s calfskin shoes illustrate how society values animal products
Press releases often find their way into my inbox. Occasionally, they’ll centre around a new animal rights initiative or vegan product, but usually, they’re unsolicited dribble e-blasted to every unprotected news media email address available. So wh

On 24 February, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, and the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) Executive Coordinator, Olivier Adam, signed a strategic partnership to advance the causes of peace and sustainable development through volunteer

Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier lost another large chunk of ice at the end of January. The section of ice that broke off the glacier on the western coast of Antarctica was roughly the size of Manhattan. It was 10 times smaller than the piece the sa

Petrina Harley, Socialist Alliance's candidate for the South Metropolitan Legislative Council, speaking at a vigil for Tyrone Unsworth, a 13 year old boy who committed suicide after being bullied. .FremantleFriday, February 24, 2017Activist, te

This week, rescuers from International Animal Rescue (IAR) saved another baby who had been kept in someone’s home as a pet and was being treated like a human child. According to IAR, her owner claimed the orangutan had been given to her by som

ATLANTA (AP) — Out of power and looking for a way forward, Democrats are hoping to harness the energy of an opposition movement that has flourished since President Donald Trump took office. The ideal for the party is to use a disparate network of li

ANALYSIS/OPINION: The mainstream media love writing the narrative of crisis, division and disarray in the conservative moment. So it was no surprise this week when Time magazine published an article titled "The Conservative Grassroots Faces a Crisis

I’d been vegan for six and a half years when it happened. It was entirely unexpected, and it left me feeling completely drained and questioning my lifestyle choices. Sadly, I’m writing this essay to confess that I finally had to listen to my body. M

    Republican congressman says he won’t hold town hall because people could die

    Republican congressman says he won’t hold town

    Congressman says constituents asking for a town hall are ‘enemies’ of democracy

    Congressman says constituents asking for a town

    Chaffetz says paid protesters are hounding him. Reporters can’t find a single one.

    Chaffetz says paid protesters are hounding him.

    Starbucks adds a new vegan option

    Starbucks adds a new vegan option

    Vegan Condom Surprise

    Vegan Condom Surprise

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