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OGDEN, Utah (AP) - State leaders have announced plans to add electric vehicle charging stations along 1,500 miles of highway running through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. The leaders joined Utah's Rocky Mountain Power on Wednesday in announcing that the

EPA nominee will review vehicle emissions rules
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, said on Wednesday he will review the Obama administration's recent decision to lock in fuel efficiency rules. O
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Romania’s new government to increase EV purchase incentive to 10,000 euros
  Romania’s Social Democratic Party plans to extend the existing Rabla program of EV incentives to 2020, and increase the value of the purchase incentive to 10,000 euros for each EV. The Rabla program, which was launched last year, currently pr
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Huawei develops graphene-assisted high-temperature Li-ion batteries
Researchers at Huawei’s Watt Laboratory have unveiled a graphene-assisted Li-ion battery that can withstand high temperatures and offers a long lifespan. According to the researchers, their new technology allows Li-ion batteries to function at tempe
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After owner outcry, Tesla reverses decision to limit Model S Launch Mode
Many Tesla owners rave (in a good way) about the over-the-air software updates that the company uses to add new features or fix bugs. However, some were less pleased when Tesla used over-the-air capability to limit an existing feature called Launch

Tesla s Supercharger pricing: one owner reacts to new fees
It’s a new era in Teslaworld: the end of unlimited free Supercharging. Starting on January 15, anybody who orders a new Tesla Model S or Model X will receive an annual allotment of 400 free kilowatt-hours (good for about 1,200 miles). After th

Second Honda dealership achieves grid-neutral status
If you're planning on buying a green car, have you ever wondered if you'll be making the purchase at a green dealership? As cars get more efficient, the carbon emissions related to the infrastructure for manufacturing and selling them should be cons

When will you buy your last-ever gallon of gas? Poll results
Well, never let it be said that this site's readers don't practice what they preach. We asked our Twitter followers when they thought they would buy their very last gallon of gasoline ever. Remarkably, one third of them (35 percent) said they had al

Court orders full reimbursement for VW diesel owner in Germany
A lot has been said about Volkswagen's use of "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, but a German court may win the prize for most-creative description. VW "defeat device" software is like putting horse meat in lasagna,

Toyota Mirai touted in ad on electric-car charging station
How do you advertise new and innovative zero-emission vehicles, whether they're electric or fuel-cell cars? It's a question that's bedeviled carmakers and their marketers, who continue to experiment with messaging, different audiences, and programs

    Carlos Ghosn: Second-Gen Nissan LEAF To Feature ProPilot Tech

    Carlos Ghosn: Second-Gen Nissan LEAF To Feature

    7 Models = 81 percent  Of Electric Car Sales In US (2016 US Electric Car Sales Report)

    7 Models = 81 percent Of Electric Car Sales In US

    EPA locks in 2025 fuel efficiency rules

    EPA locks in 2025 fuel efficiency rules

    Passat GTE best seller in Sweden in 2016

    Passat GTE best seller in Sweden in 2016

    Tesla releases Supercharger pricing

    Tesla releases Supercharger pricing

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