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Abstract Recorded for centuries, people can hear and see meteors nearly concurrently. Electromagnetic energy clearly propagates at the speed of light and converts to sound (called electrophonics) when coupled to metals. An explanation for the electr

Trump just approved the Keystone XL pipeline. Here’s what comes next.
Environmentalists, land owners, and tribes gear up to fight the controversial project?—?again.Rows of pipe ready to become part of the Keystone Pipeline, from 2012. CREDIT: AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, FileOn Friday, TransCanada?—?the pipeline developer be
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The IndependentGermany converting a huge coal mine into giant renewable batteryThe IndependentA German coal mine will be converted into giant “battery station” to store enough renewable energy to power some 400,000 homes. The Prosper-Haniel pit in t

A battery inspired by vitamins   Science360 Extra
What happens when there isn't any wind to spin the blades of a wind turbine? Or there's no sun to charge those solar panels? National Science Foundation-funded researchers at Harvard University may have a solution. In episode 69, Jordan and Charlie

...US methanol spot prices fall dramatically. Bobbie Clark. HOUSTON (ICIS)--US methanol spot prices were assessed at a two-month low on Friday, amid...

Panama’s Barro Blanco dam to begin operation, indigenous pleas refused
[caption id="attachment_194283" align="alignnone" width="768"] Ngäbe-Bugle community members canoe on the Tabasará River. Photo by Camilo Mejia Giraldo[/caption] The contentious Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam is set to begin operations within the ne
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JOHANNESBURG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dal 2012 Panasonic Corporation ha lavorato al progetto 100 mila lanterne solari, un progetto che si propone di donare complessivamente 100 mila lanterne solari in aree del mondo sprovviste di energia elettrica entro il
Business Wire

JOHANNESBURGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Desde 2012, Panasonic Corporation trabaja en el Proyecto 100 Mil Faroles Solares, un proyecto que apunta a donar un total de 100 mil faroles solares a las áreas del mundo que no tienen electricidad para 2018, año en q
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JOHANNESBURG, Südafrika--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seit 2012 arbeitet die Panasonic Corporation mit dem Projekt „100 Thousand Solar Lanterns” zusammen, dessen Ziel es ist, bis 2018 insgesamt 100.000 Solarlampen an nicht ans Stromnetz angeschlossene Regionen
Business Wire

JOHANNESBURG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic Corporation werkt al sinds 2012 aan haar 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project. Met dit initiatief stelt het bedrijf zich ten doel in 2018 – honderd jaar na de oprichting van Panasonic – 100.000 lampen te hebbe

Access to High Quality Education Increases for Nuclear Medicine Professionals

Access to High Quality Education Increases for

Anti-wind bill costs Ohio schools hundreds of thousands of dollars

Anti-wind bill costs Ohio schools hundreds of

Salka to re-power former Altamont Pass wind farm in California

Salka to re-power former Altamont Pass wind farm

India Secures $500 Million For Dedicated Renewable Energy Transmission Project

India Secures $500 Million For Dedicated Renewable

Carnegie to develop 10MW battery-storage ready PV project in Western Australia

Carnegie to develop 10MW battery-storage ready PV

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