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Wholesale electric power prices in the US are starting 2017 by ticking upward, lifted by firmer natural gas prices, which overall has caused coal generation to take some of gas generation’s share in the overall fuel mix.

An emerging area of economics aims to put a price on nature as a way of justifying preserving it in societies dominated by the wisdom of markets. A mountain stream, for example, provides many economic benefits beyond people who own property near it

This week, communication between viruses, reproducing cancer studies, and explaining ‘fairy circles’.

On this episode of Going Green, Asher sits down with EMA board member Philippe Cousteau to discuss the ocean, EarthEcho International, impact investing, and much more. Philippe Cousteau is an Emmy-nominated TV host, author, speaker and social entre

Leading Voices explores the personal stories of leaders in real estate, land use, and policy. Podcast host Matt Slepin takes a candid look at leaders’ career journeys, including obstacles they have overcome, and reflections on their pathways to succ

Steve Wilson Co-Founder, 21c Museum Hotels, Louisville Steve Wilson is the founder of 21c Museum Hotels, started in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2006. These unique concept hotels, which incorporate gallery space for Wilson’s expansive art collection, ar

Unconventional climate science predicted harsh winters in N. Hemisphere. Expert Judah Cohen explains how this happens in a warming world. Then: the super warming gas methane only lasts 10 years. But it drives centuries of sea level rise, says Dr. Kr

A clinical psychiatrist has studied the biographies of many mentally unstable musical legends to better understand how music can help heal the mind.
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Highlights from the announcements during CES2017

Robert McNally, author of the new book 'Crude Volatility: The History and the Future of Boom-Bust Oil Prices' joins Capitol Crude to talk about the history — and future — of crude oil prices.

    You Won’t Believe How Rescued Orphan Elephants React to Reuniting With Their Old Friends (VIDEO)

    You Won’t Believe How Rescued Orphan Elephants

    Governor Hogan to Provide Keynote Address at MEDA Winter Conference

    Governor Hogan to Provide Keynote Address at MEDA

    Battelle Sediments Conference

    Battelle Sediments Conference

    National Fuel Gas Company Teleconference Announcement

    National Fuel Gas Company Teleconference

    Update on the California Drought – December 13 – January 3

    Update on the California Drought – December 13 –

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