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Italy: 6,820 Municipalities Report Solar Thermal Use.In 2005, Legambiente, the largest environmental association in Italy, began publishing an annual report called Comuni Rinnovabili to show renewable deployment in Italian municipalities. The number of

Administración de Trump disuelve el Comité Asesor sobre Cambio Climático.Source: Sputnik - La administración del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, decidió desmantelar el comité asesor para la evaluación de los cambios climáticos, comunicó Washington Post.

Indigenous history and climate change explored in Stratford s The Breathing Hole.Source: Canadian Press - Reneltta Arluk wanted to acknowledge the origins of the story told in her Stratford Festival production "The Breathing Hole," so the director took the project to the North.

Game of Thrones actor: Winter is coming and the ice is melting.Game of Thrones actor: Winter is coming and the ice is melting

How the U.S. Navy is Responding to Climate Change.Source: Harvard Business Review - Forest Reinhardt and Michael Toffel, Harvard Business School professors, talk about how a giant, global enterprise that operates and owns assets at sea level is

  • Italy: 6,820 Municipalities Report Solar Thermal Use

    Italy: 6,820 Municipalities Report Solar Thermal

  • City of Seward warning people not to drink water after unknown leak

    City of Seward warning people not to drink water

  • Trump s Administration Disbands Federal Advisory Panel on Climate Change

    Trump s Administration Disbands Federal Advisory

  • Cigarette litter prompts Number ButtFreeYYC campaign in Calgary

    Cigarette litter prompts Number ButtFreeYYC

  • Sempra Bests Berkshire With $9.45 Billion Offer for Oncor

    Sempra Bests Berkshire With $9.45 Billion Offer

  • 100 UK firms promise electric fleets by 2020

    100 UK firms promise electric fleets by 2020

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