About EnvironmentGuru.com

  • About

    EnvironmentGuru.com is a online software platform with the sole mission of increasing collaboration, awareness, and documentation of environmental information. The platform allows for information exchange using the web interfaces, rss feeds, and Web APIs. Any type of data can be added from a point with historical chemical data to a news article about that site to the opportunity which solicits the work within the federal government.

  • Mission

    The mission of Environmentguru.com is to provide the framework to create the largest online portal for environmental professionals from around the world to provide educational and throught transfer. Major Projects Include

    • Non-Biased Information Platform
      • Pilot projects for testing of technologies to monitor and filtering, categorization large volumes of web content.
      • Provide a platform to provide access to the information.
      • Provide way for professionals and activists to comment on media and topics.
      • Provide ability to search the majority environmental information currently on the internet and archive popular topics of the past.
      • Provide an online archive/library for the environmental issues which have high interest to provide a history of environmental issues to learn from.
      • Provide tagging and geolocation to support environmental professionals for ease of finding data that is pertinant to them.
      • Encourages social sharing of environmental information to increase awareness.
      • Provide a single non-biased source of information with information from all sides.
      • Provide the latest trends and popular topics for environmental professionals.
      • Provide a single place for all scientific publications and events.
      • Provide a library of links to the latest guidance documents on a number of environmental subjects.
      • Provide a customizable alerts.
      • Provide a personalized feeds.
      • Provide a social media platform where people can follow, collaborate, and create innovative solutions.
    • Regulation Database. Provide a repository of regulations for environmental professionals. Check on the status of the regulations and get that information to the professionals.
    • Job Recruiting Platform. Provide a place to target job postings to environmental professionals for Free
  • History

    The concept for EnvironmentGuru.com began in 2005 when there was a need for a internet portal to exchange information and colaborate on the environment we live in. The technology expanded by adding technologies to bring, analyze, and archive the latest information to environmental professionals. Currently on version 6.0 we are working to build a highly collaborative environment.

    Now we are currently integrating analytics of the big-data dataset collected, bringing social to environmental topics, and developed a job network which is taylored for the environmental industry focusing directly to environmental professionals.

  • Technology

    EnvironmentGuru.com is the largest online search portal that offers a place for environmental professionals to collaborate, find, and distribute environmental information from social, news, universities, governemnt agencies, and you. Built off state of the art technology we are driving to increase collaboration in the environmental industries.

    The platform can now be thouroughly translated into 53 languages with the vision of becoming the first multi-lingual platform for the environment.

    Our technology allows users to share information, find guidance, search regulations, find bidding opportuntiies, get information to environmental professionals, bring innovative products to the professionals, and find all relevant information from around the internet. Updated almost every minute we have the most comprehensive source for environmental information worldwide. We provide a transformative experience by filtering it, categorizing it, bringing short pieces together with images, and then develop ways to get the information to people easier and faster increasing the overall awareness.

    Globally Viewed. EnvironmentGuru.com is consistently rated in the top 15 environmental information sources on the internet with thousand of daily worlwide environmental professional visitors. Viewed in over 200 countries monthly we are dedicated to becoming the worlds largest environmental data source. Currently information on the site can be translated into 52 different languaes.

    Using state of the Art Security. EnvironmentGuru.com encrypts all user data using 1028 bit encryption and implements a third party 256 bit web security to ensure all your data is secure. We also leave all payment to Paypal and does not store any of your financial information.

    Largest Database of Contract Opportunities. EnvironmentGuru.com is searches the internet daily for government and municpal opportunities from around the world.  Our propreitary data technologies allow to easily analyze and identify opportunities to help drive your company.

    Most Comprehensive Job Network. EnvironmentGuru.com tracks over 35,000 job opportunities, provides employers targeted recruiting, and gives employers over 80,000 potential employee viewers a month.

    We're Mobile. Our platform can now be viewed on mobile phones using the browser just as well as it can be viewed on your computer. It is this mobile platform that will be used to develop online applications of the future and distribute infomration where people are looking for it.

    Developer Friendly. Developers can now connect using our API to access our web services, secure exclusive feeds, share articles from your site easier, and APIs to gain access to the information for further analysis or depending upon the information to be used on thier sites.

    Socially Connected. We now have over 150 traditional and social channels that information is pushed to, getting your information to thousands environmental profeissional subscirbers on Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, and feeds.

  • Advertising

    EnvironmentGuru.com is non-profit organization and all advertising is to pay for servers. Currently this only pays for a fraction of server costs so we are always accepting sponsorship and advertising packagegs to pay for this. When it is self-sustaining and there are profits our corporate charter is dedicated to donating 100% to charity.

  • Fair Use

    This site references images on other sites and provides excerpts of outside material some of which have not been pre-authorized or were shared by our members. No images or content is stored here it all on the internet. This material is made available for the purpose of analysis and critique, as well as to advance the understanding of political, media and cultural issues.

    The "fair use" of such material is provided for under U.S. Copyright Law. In accordance with U.S. Code Title 17, Section 107, material on this site (along with credit links and attributions to original sources) is viewable for educational and intellectual purposes. If you are interested in using any copyrighted material from this site for any reason that goes beyond 'fair use,' you must first obtain permission from the copyright owner.

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