The mission of Environmentguru.com is to provide the framework to create the largest online portal for environmental professionals from around the world to provide educational and throught transfer. Major Projects Include

  • Non-Biased Information Platform
    • Pilot projects for testing of technologies to monitor and filtering, categorization large volumes of web content.
    • Provide a platform to provide access to the information.
    • Provide way for professionals and activists to comment on media and topics.
    • Provide ability to search the majority environmental information currently on the internet and archive popular topics of the past.
    • Provide an online archive/library for the environmental issues which have high interest to provide a history of environmental issues to learn from.
    • Provide tagging and geolocation to support environmental professionals for ease of finding data that is pertinant to them.
    • Encourages social sharing of environmental information to increase awareness.
    • Provide a single non-biased source of information with information from all sides.
    • Provide the latest trends and popular topics for environmental professionals.
    • Provide a single place for all scientific publications and events.
    • Provide a library of links to the latest guidance documents on a number of environmental subjects.
    • Provide a customizable alerts.
    • Provide a personalized feeds.
    • Provide a social media platform where people can follow, collaborate, and create innovative solutions.
  • Regulation Database. Provide a repository of regulations for environmental professionals. Check on the status of the regulations and get that information to the professionals.
  • Green Jobs For Everyone: Provide a place to target job postings to environmental professionals for Free

Your Earth; Your Voice. Let us know your opinion, post a job, add a press release, add a bid, list a document, or provide fresh ideas.