Mindscape Innovations

    Mindscape Innovations
    • Corporate Headquarters
    • 702-30 Duke St W
    • Kitchener
    • Ontario

    Corporate Summary

    Mindscape Innovations, located in Ontario, Canada, was founded in 2006 to help clients pursue opportunities to use energy better. We focus on three primary areas: Energy Efficiency for homes, businesses, and government agencies Renewable Energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass Training for Sustainability Internationally Recognized Since our inception, Mindscape has grown to be an internationally respected and awarded leader in all things energy related. From building better buildings to improving existing buildings, from creating utility programs to planning community energy systems, from feasibility studies through decommissioning of renewable energy projects, Mindscape has become the librarian in the “green” library: we’ve authored several of the “books” that define this industry, and we know the rest of the authors and can introduce you to them.
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