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    Next Star Lighting
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    • 158 Don Hillock Drive Unit 3
    • Aurora
    • Ontario

    Corporate Summary

    Experience We are a Canadian owned company and have been operating since 2003. Experienced with lighting design and installation. Years of service alone does not equal experience, in our years we have worked on many challenging and innovative projects with excellent results. How do we do it? It all starts with a complimentary electricity audit. This is where we determine how to lower your electricity costs for the lighting. We have dedicated and experienced people that can help you with the results you expect, on time, on budget and exceeding expectations. We have our own electrical crew licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure we provide ongoing service and installations that meet our standards. What lighting do we use? The most common power proficient light fixtures include T8 or T5 LED tube lamps with electronic ballasts. Nexstar’s professionals match the most cost effective lighting to your environment. Our in-house engineer understands the cost/benefits of all electric controls and has been designing the most power proficient lighting for over 20-years. Products supplied are approved for the Ontario energy incentive program. Save with Government Incentives Thanks to incentive programs such as the Ontario Save-ON-Energy Program that funds up to 50% of your retrofit, there has never been a better time to invest. Our customers are saving on average over $5,000.00 per month. Typical paybacks are under 1.5-years, with average return-on-investments (ROI) of 75+%. Let us help you save! Why not let the Nexstar team analyze the necessary information for your savings opportunity? Our turnkey services include a complimentary analysis that shows your electricity savings, cost savings, government incentive support, and total installation cost with no extras.
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