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Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP and more of the world's largest energy companies are pledging to reduce their methane emissions, acknowledging publicly that global warming is a major problem worldwide.

A new study suggests climate change makes bearded dragons less intelligent.
World of Oil

BP, Eni, ExxonMobil, Repsol, Shell, Statoil, Total and Wintershall today committed to further reduce methane emissions from the natural gas assets they operate around the world. The energy companies also agreed to encourage others across the natural
Financial Times

Curbing potent greenhouse gas seen as crucial to support for natural gas

A reflection on COP23: Incremental progress but no industrialized country’s top priority (commentary)
I remember well the vibrancy that December evening in 2015 when word spread on the last day of the 21st UN climate summit that there would be an agreement — the Paris Agreement. After two decades of staring at a known and worsening global crisis of

Climate change is a topic that is debated, doubted and covered by news outlets across the world. Luis Hestres, in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), is researching the evolution of climate change activi

The UK Government announced its Autumn Budget establishing a £400 million fund along with multiple measures to support zero-emission vehicles deployment.

It can be hard to visualize just how much climate change has impacted Earth’s seasons. To help, NASA released a new illustration that drives home the dramatic shift that has taken place over a few short decades. So, when you are sitting aroun

The climate change discussion is evolving, and the recent Climate Change Roundtable in Alaska presented an opportunity to discuss the hot-button topic with a view from the front lines. The Roundtable focused on four major themes: mitigation, adaptat

A major study looking at changes in where UK birds have been found over the past 40 years has validated the latest climate change models being used to forecast impacts on birds and other animals.

Phase Behavior of CO2 in Monoethylene Glycol between 263.15–343.15 K and 0.2–40.3 MPa: An Experimental and Modeling Approach

Phase Behavior of CO2 in Monoethylene Glycol

Experimental Measurement of CO2 Solubility in Aqueous CaCl2 Solution at Temperature from 323.15 to 423.15 K and Pressure up to 20 MPa Using the Conductometric Titration

Experimental Measurement of CO2 Solubility in

Solubility Determination and Correlation of Gatifloxacin, Enrofloxacin, and Ciprofloxacin in Supercritical CO2

Solubility Determination and Correlation of

Celebrating Thanksgiving in an Eco Friendly Way

Celebrating Thanksgiving in an Eco Friendly Way

New research exposes the risks of geoengineering to artificially intervene in global warming: It may devastate the planet

New research exposes the risks of geoengineering

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    A year of many firsts for the MIT Energy Hackathon.Over the first weekend of November, the lobby of MIT’s Vannevar Bush Building served as the site for many introductions, brainstorming sessions, and, ultimately, innovation. Participants from all over

    Climate meeting goes all night, ends after financing talks.BONN, Germany (AP) — Negotiators worked through the night on the technical details of the Paris climate accord before two weeks of global talks on climate change finally ended in Bonn. Fiji's Prime

    Washington seeks out like minds on climate change.… ” to the Paris Accord on global warming – took place in Bonn, one-time … out of the deal on climate change. “President Trump still intends to … ’s lives right now than climate

    At Bonn, Australia obstructs climate justice.Australia’s behaviour at the UN Climate Conference in Bonn (COP23) has been described as that of a bully. Australia has collected a swag of “Fossil of the Day” awards — given daily by climate

    Arctic 30 to stay in Russia.. The Russian authorities have told the Arctic 30 that they cannot leave the country, defying the ruling of an international court which ordered that they should be allowed to go home immediately.