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A method for sharing a mixed reality experience (mixed reality content, mixed reality event) between one or more computing devices is disclosed. The method includes: determining a spatial location and a spatial orientation (spatial data) of the one

A virtual reality exercise device including : at least one actuator; at least one of a handle, a foot stirrup, a step, and a limb strap, where the at least one actuator is coupled to the at least one of a handle, a foot stirrup, a step, and a limb s

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for explorable augmented reality displays. An augmented reality service can receive a request for augmented reality display data. The request can be associated with a device. The augmented reality servi

The present disclosure discloses a system and method for real time interaction of a real world with a virtual world through an augmentation concept has been provided. The system includes a mobile electronic device compatible with all operating syste

Camera and sensor augmented reality techniques are described. In one or more implementations, sensor data is obtained from a sensor of a hardware device, the sensor data being associated with the hardware device that is located in an environment, su

Embodiments of the invention include a virtual reality system that includes an instrumented device used to present a virtual shopping environment to a simulation participant. The participant's interactions with the virtual shopping environment may b

A head mounted display (HMD) device includes first and second laterally-curved displays disposed about a medial plane, wherein each of the first and second curved displays includes a first lateral section distal from the medial plane and having a cu
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Embodiments herein provide a method for providing a notification in a Virtual Reality (VR) device. The method includes detecting, by a processor, an obstacle in proximity to a user while VR content is displayed on a screen of the VR device worn by t

A system for calibrating a backup assist system for a trailer attached to a vehicle is provided which includes a hitch sensor continuously measuring a hitch angle for determining an angle rate, a yaw sensor continuously sensing a yaw rate of the veh

A head mounted display (HMD) device may include a housing coupled to a frame, and a display disposed in the housing. A first lens and a first active shutter may be disposed along a first optical axis in the housing, and a second lens and a second ac

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