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When machine-to-machine (M2M) devices attach to a mobile communication network, the associated communication session can be treated differently than the attachment of other devices. For example, upon determining that a subscriber device that attache

A system and a plurality of methods for location detection are disclosed. In some cases, the user's present location is represented by a circle, having a center and a radius, where the radius is indicative of the accuracy of the present location. Th

Architecture that enables the capability to more effectively define and resize geofences to provide improved geofence utility based on rich context and crowd-sourced data. The architecture enables the intelligent placement of geofences based on rich

The present invention provides an operation triggering method and apparatus for machine-to-machine communications. The method implemented in a service capability middleware, includes retrieving a change result of the content of the subject resource

A method of securing an industrial control system includes operating the industrial control system in an open mode, wherein communications between a plurality of devices of the industrial control system are unencrypted when the industrial control sy

How can you become a part of the industrial internet of things and drive the digital transformation of your industry? Hear from our experts on the easy way to get started on your digital journey, where the biggest benefits have been seen by some of

BlogWe must protect the millions upon millions of devices that are used every second of the day and that job alone is both awesome and tremendous. Contributed Author: Anthony CoggineTopics: Security

The internet of things (IoT) is allowing scientists to optimize laboratory operations and combine instruments to measure and respond to complex experimental conditions. As a result, IoT is enabling more detailed and more complex experimental designs

TUV Rheinland supporting transition to Industry 4.0 in China
TUV Rheinland has hosted a delegation from China at its officials at the headquarters of TUV Rheinland Academy in Cologne, Germany that will support a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Train

The birthplace of graphene has just announced that there is a new immediately practical and economic use for the wonder material that has the potential to completely revolutionize the Internet of...

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TUV Rheinland supporting transition to Industry 4.0 in China

TUV Rheinland supporting transition to Industry 4.