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Europe Versus Renewable Energy?
Wednesday morning’s 'Regulation and the Marketplace' panel discussion at POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam got off to a lively start with a presentation from Randy Mott, president of Polish biogas- and geothermal-based combined heat and p

While agricultural residue is considered as a near-term feedstock option for cellulosic biofuels, its sustainability must be evaluated by taking water into account. This study aims to analyze the county-level water footprint for four biofuel pathway

Water consumption and water quality continue to be key factors affecting environmental sustainability in biofuel production. This review covers the findings from biofuel water analyses published over the past 2 years to underscore the progress made,

Weatherford Laboratories, 2017, Geochemical evaluation, including whole oil gas chromatography, soxhlet extractions, biomarker analysis, Rock-Eval pyrolysis, and total organic carbon analyses, of cuttings and core for the Caribou #26-11-1, E Ugnu #1

Some aspects of George Monbiot's article (Woodchips with everything. It's the Atkins plan of the low-carbon world, 24 March) have merit. I would prefer, however, to be guided by the experts it refers to. To grow biomass merely to provide biochar may

Critics say bioenergy, carbon capture, among draft report's 'false solutions' to sustain business as usual economicsA British environmental organisation that has reviewed the draft of a forthcoming UN IPCC report on mitigating climate change has que

Although market information and long-term impacts remain unknown, a biofuel byproduct can store carbon and enhance soil quality – and its market is growing despite higher costsNapa Valley grower Eckhard Kaesekamp is very pleased with a certain group

Robert Llewellyn's Green Car Guide Video Review Summary of Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV2015) Event, 9-10 September 2015, Millbrook Proving Ground, covering the Jaguar Land Rover Concept_e project, the Delta E4 Coupe, the Morgan EV3, the Toyota Mira

Varsha Vijay: Where in the world is palm oil deforestation?

World's Largest Alternative & Renewable Fuels Consulting Group Adds Michael Heinemann to Its Team

Europe Versus Renewable Energy?

Europe Versus Renewable Energy?