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A heat pump controller for use in a heat exchange system includes a computing device and a user interface coupled to the computing device. The computing device is configured to initiate a defrost cycle based on one of a plurality of user-selectable

A water tower applied to the water source heat pump central air conditioner is provided, and includes a tower body, a water storage tank, an air distributing device, cooling fillers, a water distributing device, a water collector, and ventilating eq

A cylinder rod is disposed within a cylinder that defines a cylinder volume. An accumulator defines an accumulator volume that is disposed generally annularly about the cylinder rod. The accumulator volume is separated from the cylinder volume by an

A fuel system includes an air residence chamber operative to receive fuel from a fuel tank and allow degassed air to separate from fuel to an upper portion, and a boost pump including a boost pump inlet and a boost pump outlet. The boost pump inlet

A hydraulic system adapted to recover inertial energy is disclosed. The hydraulic system includes a pump, a variable displacement pump/motor having an input/output shaft, an accumulator, and a valve arrangement. The valve arrangement is operable in:

A method for controlling and/or regulating a motor vehicle brake system. The system at least one electric regenerative brake and wheel brakes. A pressure medium is supplied from a first pressure source actuated by the driver. At least one brake circ

A sound localization perfume nozzle assembly includes an accumulator, a nozzle head set, and a sound localization device set between the accumulator and the nozzle head set and including a positioning member and a position-limiting member mounted in

A TDR for locating impairments in an HFC network is claimed. The network carries burst signals in an upstream band during burst intervals. The TDR comprises a transmitter, receiver, level detector, controller, accumulator, and probe detector. The tr

Antonio Marras: aspiring minimalist, serial accumulator
Antonio Marras: aspiring minimalist, serial accumulator
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The next generation of geothermal plants will unlock more of Earth's bountiful, underground energy and could allow the technology to finally fulfil its promise

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Antonio Marras: aspiring minimalist, serial accumulator

Antonio Marras: aspiring minimalist, serial