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Transcriptionally repressive histone H3K27 methylation by PRC2 (Polycomb repressive complex 2) is essential for cellular differentiation and development. Here we report cryo-EM structures of human PRC2 in two distinct, active states, while in comple

Researchers who've gotten the first look at a deep-sea 'dumbo' octopod hatchling report in Current Biology on Feb. 19 that the young octopods look and act much like adults from the moment they emerge from an egg capsule. Dumbo octopods are so named

The French government announced Monday it will allow the wolf population to grow 40 percent despite pressure from farmers in mountain regions who are worried about their sheep flocks.

Think of oysters, and what comes to mind? You'll probably picture a plate of seafood with a generous squeeze of lemon, or you might think of oysters' reputation as an aphrodisiac. But oysters have many talents beyond their famed gastronomic (and oth

New satellite constellation to provide Ultra-Secure, High Throughput, Global Network for Government Communications

(May) Aircraft wrecks lost in Lake Michigan have long held Navy interest. Read about this first survey opportunity.

Judge in London calls Cambridge grad Matthew Falder "cruel" for blackmailing dozes of victims, distributing images online

The special counsel's indictment in the election meddling probe shows how easily Russians allegedly manipulated social media platforms. The document mentions Facebook 35 times in 37 pages. Twitter is brought up nine times and YouTube once. Wired edi
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[New Era] Windhoek -The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), which is the country's accredited entity to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), has submitted a proposal to the GCF for a project to improve rangeland and ecosystem management in thre

Today I’m sharing a picture of some Pleistocene age fossils that are on display at the West Coast Fossil Park, which is located about an hour’s drive north of Cape Town, South Africa. If you ever find yourself in the area I highly recomm

Global Demand for Natural Resources Causes Dramatic Decline of Bornean Orangutans

Global Demand for Natural Resources Causes

Paleontologists Discover Never-Before-Seen Ancient Fish Species

Paleontologists Discover Never-Before-Seen Ancient

Ban Wolf Snaring PLEASE SIGN

Ban Wolf Snaring PLEASE SIGN

An Irish 6-year-old wrote a letter asking NASA to make Pluto a planet again. And it didn’t get ignored

An Irish 6-year-old wrote a letter asking NASA to

What does a bear do in the Alaska woods? Disperse seeds

What does a bear do in the Alaska woods? Disperse

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