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What explains the gender gap reversal in education the role of the tail hypothesis

Nature-based Preschools Are a Growing Trend in the United States
Nature-based preschools are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to a recent survey by Natural Start Alliance, there are over 250 nature-based preschools across the U.S., the number represents a growth of two-thirds over one

US-founded Nature Play Program Timbernook Opens in Australia
TimberNook, the US-founded early childhood movement that encourages free and “transformative” nature-based play for children, expands to Australia. Early childcare educators have opened a TimberNook space on a “wild” six-acre block in the Newcastle

Hong Kong Needs Inclusive Playgrounds for Disabled Children
A study in Hong Kong finds that a number of existing playgrounds lack inclusive facilities that cater to the needs of disabled children. According to the researchers, many of the playgrounds had a ‘fast-food’ standardized characteristic with a prior

In a bid to keep workers happy and productive, more companies are turning to nature. Biophilia, or the idea that humans have an innate connection to nature is the latest trend in corporate office design with many supporters claiming that we feel mor

Funding Opportunity ID: 300543Opportunity Number: NOAA-SEC-OED-2018-2005481Opportunity Title:Building Capacity for Environmental LiteracyOpportunity Category:DiscretionaryOpportunity Category Explanation:Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreemen
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Improving student outcomes for only twenty cents
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How effective are early grade reading interventions a review of the evidence

Britain’s Prince William has praised Sweden’s embrace of the great outdoors, in particular the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise for children. Speaking Wednesday at the end of a two-day visit to Sweden, William said that “one lesson t

A British study finds that children 20 years ago would be considered among the fittest children today. The report, which is featured on a BBC television program about childhood fitness initiative "Super Movers," states that the least fit child in a

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