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This podcast looks at the thousand year history of river flood protection in the Netherlands and reports on a conference exploring the complex nature of the relationship between modernity and waste.
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This special edition of Exploring Environmental History reports on the fourth conference of the European Society for Environmental History which was held at the Free University Amsterdam from 5 to 9 June 2007. The podcast will highlight some of the
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The creation of a conventional classroom based environmental history course is challenging because of the diversity of topics involved. A distance learning course delivered trough the Web is even more challenging. This requires a different approach
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Since the early days of the Space Age spent rocket stages, decommissioned satellites, and rubbish of all kinds have contaminated near-Earth space. At present more than 100 million pieces of human-made debris ranging in size from dead satellites to f
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Military operations can have repercussions for environments and landscapes a long way from the battlefields. In the case of Australia most military action during the 20th century happened far from its shores, apart from the incidental bombing by the
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Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann
Mitchell Herrmann WASHINGTON – Mitchell Herrmann, a Peace Corps trainee in Namibia, died suddenly Thursday, August 16. Mitchell, 24, of Lake Worth, Florida, was training to teach science as a Peace Corps volunteer. “The entire Peace Corps family is

When you hear the word GANG, what images come to mind? If you think of guns, violence, trouble-making, law-breaking or motorbike riding, then you are like me, and I would imagine many others. Which is why you may also be surprised to hear that my wi

A nationwide report in the United Kingdom has found that the average British citizen will spend 53 years of their adult life inside and just ten years outside. Nearly half of Brits polled said they never have the time or opportunity to venture outsi

The most comprehensive assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada indicates that physical activity can improve kids’ brain health by boosting both cognitive ability and mental wellness. The research suggests that an active lifestyle c

A new French law will ban students from using smartphones on school grounds — in an effort to combat cell phone addiction and encourage children to read and play outside. Beginning in September, the law will prohibit students — aged 3 to 15 — from u

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Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann

Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann