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Salinity Variability Associated with the Positive Indian Ocean Dipole and Its Impact on the Upper Ocean Temperature

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver earlier this month ruled that the country's Bureau of Land Management must reassess its analysis of the climate impacts of expanding two huge coal mines in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, finding that the e

Abstract There is a growing consensus that gravel-bed roughness should be parameterized based on bed-surface topography, not only sediment size. One benefit is the possible identification of various spatial scales of surface roughness and evaluation

The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision on whether the Ministry of Primary Industries has been less than rigorous in controlling the export of rough-sawn swamp kauri.In the High Court last year, the Northland Environmental...
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SOURCE: Newmont Mining Corporation DESCRIPTION:As part of the Newmont water management strategy, regions are completing evaluations of their watershed to develop methodology that are in line with the ICMM guidelines on Catchment based water manageme

Yambuna Lagoon supports rare plant species like swamp wallaby grass

Abstract Biofilms are critical locations for biogeochemical reactions in the subsurface environment. The occurrence and distribution of biofilms at microscale as well as their impacts on macroscopic biogeochemical reaction rates are still poorly und

National Hurricane Center (NHC) information on Maria is available online at   The NHC Web site for advisories, tracks, etc., of all current tropical storms is Following are links to some news media sources that covered Maria: Miami Herald, online at

WARSAW, Mo. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Harry S. Truman Lake will host an open house Saturday, Oct. 14 to review and discuss water management operations and recent high-water events in the local area.
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Insurance Bureau of Canada has reported that a significant flooding event in Windsor resulted in more than $124 million in insured damage, according to Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ). From August 28–29, a slow-moving area of low

Restoring Paradise After Hurricane Irma

Restoring Paradise After Hurricane Irma

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