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Former prime minister Tony Abbott emerges victorious from a NSW Liberal Party convention after his motion to give party members a greater say in selecting candidates is overwhelmingly passed.

The biggest impact that any of us can have is by prioritizing how we vote, agitate, lobby, invest, protest and innovate for changes that move beyond our own individual impacts to a shift in our collective and societal norms.

Top 10 Jungle, creator of latest internet phenomenon, Sexy Sidebar, has just announced the release of its Top 10 Jungles of the World list

A Democratic watchdog group claimed Thursday that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt illegally lobbied against the Paris climate accord before President Donald Trump eventually backed out of the non-binding agreement. The American Democracy Legal Fund (

It’s been six months since the Women’s March. What’s changed?
“What do we want?” “Equality!” “When do we want it?” “Are you f-cking kidding me?!” It took a few tries to coax a bunch of bleary-eyed bus riders into chanting on a mid-January morning earlier this year. We were just minutes away from Washington D.C

Guest post by Timothy Conway, PhD Find Part 1 of this post here. Compared to the modern world, it was much harder to be vegan in Ma‘arri’s time and place due to the religious and social pressures. Moreover, the diversity of plant foods was not nearl

Barry HealyFriday, July 21, 2017A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution; How the Working Class Shaped the Guerrillas’ Victory Steve Cushion Monthly Review Press, 2016 272 pages, $30 The Cuban Revolution has created international ripples ever since

How Documentaries Can Make Climate Believers Out Of Christians
Guf Sea Grant

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program, in conjunction with the American Planning Association chapter for the state of Mississippi, is planning an event from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 11, to discuss the topic of flood mitigation at the

Abstract Finland has had problems protecting the grey wolf (Canis lupus) for decades. Over the past few years, the government of Finland has taken several steps to improve its policy on wolves. In this paper, we explore the grassroots activism that

It’s been six months since the Women’s March. What’s changed?

It’s been six months since the Women’s March.

Shared toilets as the path to health and dignity

Shared toilets as the path to health and dignity

National Solidarity Programme Transformed Scores of Lives in Kandahar Province

National Solidarity Programme Transformed Scores

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