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Landmine Blast Kills 6 in Somalia
Six Somali civilians were killed in a landmine explosion on Sunday, just days after the country’s deadliest attack killed hundreds. Officials in Lower Shabelle region confirmed to VOA Somali that two women and four men died after an improvised explo

Lincolnshire, England Royal Navy divers have recovered ten WWI mustard gas canisters from the bottom of Stixwould Lake in Lincolnshire. Specialists from Southern Diving Unit 2 in Portsmouth spent eight days in in the area of Woodhall Spa after canis

Title: Office of Personnel Management (OPM) SES Orientation Briefing Classification Code: NAICS Code: 722320 - Catering Procurement: Purchase Order (PO) for Commercial Services DESCRIPTION: This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial ser

18 October 2017BIDD SYNOPSIS/SOLICITATION1. Solicitation. This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordancewith the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. Thisa

ALISO VIEJO — The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad responded Wednesday night, Oct. 18, to a report of a suspicious device at Soka University of America. The incident was reported around 6:50 p.m., Sheriff&#
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Should chemotherapy drugs, SSRIs and opiate-based painkillers be classified as weapons of mass destruction or biological warfare on Americans?
(Natural News) One hundred years ago, America fought in World War I, and statistics afterward horrified the world, revealing 17 million people dead or missing in action. Industrial chemists played a major role in developing poisonous and deadly bio
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Robots could soon handle objects with the same dexterity as humans thanks to a flexible sensor skin developed by engineers from the University of Washington and UCLA. Bio-inspired sensor skin wraps around a finger or any other part of a robot to hel
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Travel with us to the remote Ta-Oy District in Lao PDR and hear the story of how rural women make a better life for themselves and their family by improving their vocational skills. The project on Inclusive and Sustainable New Communities (ISNC) pro

A homeless person found what looked like a pipe bomb in a trash can near a trolley station in East Village Friday, but a bomb squad determined it was not an explosive device.

Dorset, United Kingdom sailors aboard Merchant tanker ship, Skaw Provider, were surprised to find an old torpedo caught in the ship's anchor while raising the anchor from outside Portland Port. The flute of the anchor pierced the torpedo exposing th

Landmine Blast Kills 6 in Somalia

Landmine Blast Kills 6 in Somalia

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