Unexploded Ordnance Publications

Project ID: MR-2730 Project Title: Unexploded Ordnance Characterization and Detection in Muddy Estuarine Environments Principal Investigator: Arthur Trembanis Organization: University of Delaware

Project ID: MR-2731 Project Title: Resolving the Role of the Dynamic Pressure in the Burial, Exposure, Scour, and Mobility of Underwater Munitions Principal Investigator: Diane Foster Organization: University of New Hampshire

Project ID: MR-2733 Project Title: Probabilistic Environmental Modeling System for Munitions Mobility Principal Investigator: Margaret Palmsten Organization: United States Naval Research Laboratory

Project ID: MR-2736 Project Title: A Preliminary Design Study of a Re-Deployable Underwater Test Bed Principal Investigator: Dr. Nagi Khadr Organization: Parsons

Project ID: MR-201714 Project Title: Demonstration of AUV-Based Structural Acoustic Look-Down and Side-Look Sonars for Underwater Buried UXO Detection and Classification Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Houston Organization: Naval Researc

Project ID: MR-201712 Project Title: Man-portable Bottom Mobility Platform for UXO Investigations Principal Investigator: Arnis Mangolds Organization: C-2i, Inc

Project ID: MR-201610 Project Title: Underwater EMI Sensor Platform for Metallic Item Detection Principal Investigator: Dr. Barry Spargo Organization: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Project ID: MR-201611 Project Title: Underwater Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Neutralization by Explosively Generated Plasma Principal Investigator: Mr. Thomas Douglas Organization: Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head EOD Technology Divis

Project ID: MR-201612 Project Title: Implementing Advanced Magnetic Gradiometric Algorithms Within Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj Software Platform Principal Investigator: Dr. Jesse Angle Organization: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Div

Project ID: MR-201613 Project Title: Development of Blast-Barge Technology for Underwater Munitions Demolition Principal Investigator: Mr. Timothy Shelton Organization: USACE ERDC