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The numbers are in, and in the U.S. alone electric vehicle sales increased 21 percent last year -- from 158,614 vehicles sold in 2016 to 199,826 vehicles sold in 2017. December 2017 also marked the 26th consecutive month of year-over-year sales in

“We think that 2025 will be the turning point where the cost of an EV [electric vehicle] car, the same EV and internal combustion engine, will be the same,” he told the Financial Times. “That will be a turning point for the customer.” Nissan, throug

Elon Musk and his SpaceX team made huge news last week when they successfully completed the maiden launch of the Falcon Heavy on the afternoon of February 6, 2018. This launch was such a monumental accomplishment because the private company venture

Geneva Motor Show has been regarded as the number one place for global car manufacturers to christen concepts and debut production-ready cars since it first took place in 1905. Media days are March 6 and March 7, and this year it looks like the show

It's been six months since General Motors completed the sale of its Opel division in Europe to PSA Group, the French parent of the Citroën, DS, and Peugeot brands. With the sale came licenses to run out the model life of GM-designed vehicles so

Earth looms in the background of a Tesla Roadster launched into deep space by SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. New research suggests the vehicle will cruise through space for tens of millions of years, with slight chances of colliding with Earth
Charged EVs

Bloomberg launches Tesla Model 3 tracker
There are around 400,000 of them, and they’re getting impatient. Not only the raft of Model 3 reservation holders, but a passel of stock-market and automotive pundits want details on how many Model 3s are out there, and how quickly they’re being pro
Charged EVs

ClipperCreek’s new CP-50 hand-held EVSE tester
Charger manufacturer ClipperCreek has released a compact hand-held EVSE testing tool designed for installers, technicians and facilities maintenance personnel. The new CP-50, priced at $250, can be used to test a Level 1 or Level 2 EVSE installation

Elon Musk isn’t the only person amused by a Tesla in space — scientists at the University of Toronto and Charles University have devoted their attention to figuring out just what might happen to the Roadster officially classified by NASA as a

Credit specialist says remuneration mechanism for 8.7GW of new renewables is 'weakest seen in Europe so far'

Will New Nissan LEAF Be Number 1 Best Selling Car In Norway This Year?

Will New Nissan LEAF Be Number 1 Best Selling Car

Tesla Model 3 production, California vs EPA, plug-in Subaru plans, Ram diesel fines: The Week in Reverse

Tesla Model 3 production, California vs EPA,

Elon Promises Safety Upgrades After Model 3 Suffers Severe Crash Using Autopilot

Elon Promises Safety Upgrades After Model 3

China: Should Tesla Stay Or Go?

China: Should Tesla Stay Or Go?

Tesla In Talks To Supply Battery Storage To Con Edison

Tesla In Talks To Supply Battery Storage To Con

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