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Despite being cleared of rape the pair both lost Ulster contracts and clubs are wary of a backlash in hiring themOn Monday it will be 40 days and nights since Paddy Jackson’s solicitor was asked what the future held for his client and his fellow Uls

Damaged Star Coral in Leinster. (Photo by Caroline Rogers) The waves from hurricanes Irma and Maria and a destructive winter storm at the end of February have taken a toll on coral reefs around St. John, according to marine biologists who work withi

Norwood-based Minotaur Exploration (ASX: MEP) announced today that it has signed a binding agreement with a company interested in buying its nickel tenements E36/899, E37/909 and E36/936 located south-east of Leinster in Western Australia. A corpora
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Go and make some drugs
The technique behind computer programs that can beat masters of the board game of Go can help computers learn how to make recipes for the most complex chemical compounds Go originated in China 2500 years agoGo, which originated in China 2500 years a
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CNBCTesla will still transform transportation, energy industries despite recent stumbles, influential tech analyst Gene ...CNBC... through around this move to batteries and autonomy and ramping production." He said these bad headlines for Tesla

One of the most famed Apple analysts, Gene Munster, has recently turned his attention to Tesla. Munster's firm, Loup Ventures, "surveyed 519 people in the U.S. regarding interest in buying a Tesla Model 3 ... [and] found a surprisingly high number (

Will Tesla Model 3 Lead Market Segment Like Tesla Model S Does?
Recently famed Apple analyst Gene Munster predicted market share gains ahead for Tesla based on a survey executed by his firm Loup Ventures. It turns out there are other indicators that point to market share gains down the line for Tesla. With so mu

“Dream Deal” Agreed With Mattress Recycler & NIEA
David Small from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency visits Ulster Supported Employment Ltd to sign a Prosperity Agreement with Chief Executive Bill Atkinson. A new deal to recycle more mattresses, carpets and furniture and defer them from land

A pair of eagle rays. (Photo by Caroline Rogers) On Christmas Day, I got the best gift I could imagine: the sight of two spotted eagle rays swimming along a ledge in Leinster Bay in the Virgin Islands National Park. It was the first time I’d seen th Inc.’s shakeup of the retail landscape may not be over, according to one well-known technology analyst. The Internet giant will acquire Target Corp., Loup Venture co-founder Gene Munster wrote in a report highlighting eight predicti

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar manufacturing hub in Saudi Arabia

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar

Act now for sustainability Should companies be activists?

Act now for sustainability Should companies be

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint You: Part 3 LINK

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate Multinational Automotive Companies Should Conduct Risk Assessments

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate