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World Bank

Antananarivo: A city for whom?
Photo: Michel Matera/World Bank Planning is a theme in cities as ancient as Rome, Cairo, and Athens to as modern as New York and Singapore. It is used as an instrument to manage collective living. Planning remains key in shaping the urban contr
Reef Doctor

World Wetlands Day 2018
Last Friday (2nd Feb) was World Wetlands Day, a special day to celebrate these special ecosystems that are so vital to our planet and to contribute to their conservation! Wetlands of International Importance are protected by a convention, known as t

Global Waters Radio: Jacky Ralaiarivony on Water and Sanitation in Madagascar. Global Waters, January 2018. “I am really optimistic….I can tell you, other countries, they come here to learn more about how Madagascar is implementing these community-l
Reef Doctor

Building Artificial Reefs in the Villages of Beheloke, Besambay and Tariboly
Drawing from the success of the artificial reef establishment in the Bay of Ranobe, Reef Doctor replicated this effort in three villages south of Anakao: Beheloke, Besambay, and Tariboly (south of Anakao) through a field project last month. Funded b

It didn't exactly break the Internet, but there is no denying that it's an eye-catching photo: a smiling man holding a yam that is about 3 feet long. "That's the biggest one I've seen from that particular species," says Paul Wilkin , the head of nat

Another Madagascar environmental activist imprisoned
ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar — In Madagascar, speaking out against corporate wrongdoing or government corruption can be dangerous business. So it took some courage for Raleva, a 61-year-old farmer, to stand up and ask questions at a meeting in his

How small is too small? The uncertain fate of Madagascar’s forest fragments
ANKAFOBE, Madagascar — When he first told colleagues at the Missouri Botanical Garden that lemurs still lived in the forest in Ankafobe, Jean Jacques Rasolofonirina said he was met with disbelief. “The forest is too small,” he recalled one saying—ju
Reef Doctor

A Morning at the Sea Cucumber Hatchery
ReefDoctor has been active in aquaculture activities for quite a while now and we have been updating you on our efforts and progress on providing an alternative livelihood to local communities through this blog. This time we’re going to take y
Reef Doctor

Staff Interview: Roberto Komeno
Reef Doctor is enriched by the knowledge and experience of international staff members, volunteers and interns, through which it aims to empower Malagasy people in conservation and environmental management. The objective over time is to employ only

How effective is conservation in Madagascar? Series starts next week
To travel in Madagascar is to be reminded of just how small we are relative to our pale blue dot of a planet, or even its fourth largest island. Travel times in Madagascar are often counted in days. When I was planning my trip to report the “Conserv


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