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The Tsimanampesotse Biosphere Reserve (Nosy Ve Androka) - a conservation learning site for sustainable human development
A biosphere reserve is an ecosystem deemed globally important for its rich biodiversity and need for conservation. Each biosphere reserve promotes solutions that both help conserve biodiversity, and ensure that this conservation does not hinder sust

L'année 2017 a été riche en succès pour la conservation à Madagascar. Grâce à l'appui technique de WWF, dix nouveaux sites sont maintenant inscrits sur la liste des zones humides Ramsar d'importance internat

Thanks to technical support from WWF, 10 new sites have now been added to the international list of Ramsar wetlands: The Tsiribihina mangroves, the Barren Islands Archipelago, the Nosy Ve Androka coral reef, Lake So a and the Onilahy, Ambondrombe, A
Reef Doctor

Staff Interview: Aimé Safidinjanahary
Name: Aimé Safidinjanahary (Notahina Noëldo Aimé Rica) Age: 22 Job title: Nurse Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in paramedical at INSFP (Institute of Training of Paramedicals) in Toliara   Tell us about your professional experience. Dur

95 percent of all lemur species face high risk of extinction, experts say
Together with other leading primate conservationists, Russell Mittermeier, Chief Conservation Officer for the NGO Global Wildlife Conservation and recently announced winner of the 2018 Indianapolis Prize, is sounding the alarm about the plight of le
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Madagascar: A Coast to Coast Expedition
Madagascar. The word itself is tinged with excitement. It stirs half formed childhood memories of adventure – jungles, snakes, vast baobabs and curious lemurs. But there is more to the island than a cartoon-like vision of tropical wilderness;

Uncertainty around Madagascar mine in wake of cyclone
TOAMASINA, Madagascar — Last January, when Tropical Cyclone Ava made landfall on Madagascar, wreaking havoc for 24 hours, people here knew they had more than usual to worry about. Ava hit the eastern part of the island hard, and the city of Toamasin

One tortoise at a time: Q&A with zoo veterinarian Justin Rosenberg
An international effort is underway in Madagascar to save thousands of threatened tortoises that were discovered in an abandoned house in the city of Toliara in April. The first descriptions of the bust were shocking — piles of tea-saucer-size torto
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Achieving Financial Inclusion: Fintech, account usage, and innovation
A teller at a Baobab bank outlet counting out money for a customer in Antananarivo, Madagascar. ©  Nyani Quarmyne/IFC [[tweetableFor almost a decade, the global community and national governments have made concerted efforts to expand financial
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By David Pilling SOURCE: Mars, Incorporated DESCRIPTION:In the humid Sava region of northern Madagascar, where vanilla vines grow in the shaded canopy of the jungle, villagers guard their crop as though it were a precious metal. Well they might. Str

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Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann

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