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Bio-dykes: saving communities and instilling confidence in them
As we approached Bangalipur, a closed-knit community of 135 households, dark clouds started covering the sky and a light sprinkle followed after. Enchanted by the fresh, earthy smell wafting from the gravelled road and ducks swimming in the brownish

Enhancing Flood Resilience through Livelihood adaptation
“The 2014 flood was worse than the 2009 flood but the loss and damage was less because people had learned from the earlier event.” Dinanath Bhandari I am currently visiting the Practical Action Nepal flood resilience project in the western region, w
Live Science

SETI pioneer Jill Tarter thinks the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" needs to undergo a rebranding.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a scientific area whose goal is to detect intelligent life outside Earth. One approach, known as radio SETI, uses radio telescopes to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space. Such s

Global warming and nuclear blasts may be bad for humanity, but astrobiologists say they could be good indicators of the presence of intelligent life on distant worlds. Such signatures of risky biological behavior should therefore be included in the

New image analysis by researchers at SETI indicate that there may be subterranean lava tubes in the polar region of the moon leading to massive underground glaciers, which could provide fuel for a long-term lunar base.
Penn Energy

Plans to build the US$2.5 billion 1,200-MW Budhi Gandaki hydropower in Nepal have been “scrapped,” according to Nepal’s Energy Minister, Kamal Thapa.

Many people once thought Earth was unique in outer space in its ability to support life. Recent discoveries could shatter that notion, like one new analysis of information from the Kepler Space Telescope. An international team led by Susan Thompson

Today's leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese .voice-in-ai-byline-embed { font-size: 1.4rem; background: url( black; background-position: center; background-size: cover; color: white; padding: 1rem 1.5rem;

Learning to Fail
Often we celebrate success and seldom, we talk about failures. In a modern work-space it is difficult to imagine an environment where we confidently and openly talk about failures. In evaluation meetings we focus our energies on ‘best practices’ but


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Farewell to Development

Farewell to Development

How Farmers Benefit from Ag Equipment Co-ops

How Farmers Benefit from Ag Equipment Co-ops

Strathclyde physicists achieve new energies in ion acceleration

Strathclyde physicists achieve new energies in ion

Plans approved for €100m expansion of Malta airport

Plans approved for €100m expansion of Malta

Vinci in winning team for $700m New Zealand motorway

Vinci in winning team for $700m New Zealand

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