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Komatsu has announced what is thought to be the most targeted recruit campaign in the industry as it looks to bolster its local employee base across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The drive – its biggest to date – is intended to identify

Israel automated drone startup Airobotics has launched its North American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, where it will run all North America, South America and Central America operations. The Scottsdale office is intended to become the company

The USA has many friends and many foes, as does the Russian Federation. The perceptions about these nuclear armed powers is mainly determined by their leaders. President Trump, supposedly the leader of the 'free world" and President Putin, the autoc

Top nickel miners ranked
Vale is the nickel king based on 2017 production totals. Vale produced 242 kilotonnes of nickel in 2017. Norilsk Nickel was second having produced 163 kilotonnes. Note, this is nickel just derived from mines. Total excludes nickel provided by extern
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Piano concerto: a view of a master of the confluence of engineering and architecture
Stuart Nathan Features Editor Few modern architects have engaged with engineering as much as Renzo Piano. A new exhibition at London’s Royal Academy illustrates and celebrates how he has woven the two disciplines together. Renzo Piano in his w

New Caledonia votes to protect coral reefs
The government of New Caledonia voted on Tuesday to establish marine protected areas across 28,000 square kilometers (10,800 square miles) of waters around the French overseas territory, safeguarding coral reefs, marine habitats, and critical bird n

New Caledonia Bans All Types of Extraction Surrounding Pristine Coral Reefs
The French overseas territory of New Caledonia announced Tuesday the highest possible levels of protection for some of the world's last unspoiled coral reefs. All types of extraction, including commercial and industrial fishing, has been banned i

The Pacific Island is home to one of the world's most pristine coral reefs, boasting more than 9,300 marine species

The French overseas territory, known for its magnificent beaches and coral lagoons, has banned all types of extraction, including fishing, in the Chesterfield, Bellona, Entrecasteaux, Pétrie and Astrolabe reefs , with tourist activity also expe

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New Solar Projects To Provide Nearly Half Of Tucson School District’s Power

New Solar Projects To Provide Nearly Half Of

PCB Piezotronics Inc. launches USB digital accelerometer

PCB Piezotronics Inc. launches USB digital

Manhattan Beach Toyota Welcomes New 2019 Corolla Models

Manhattan Beach Toyota Welcomes New 2019 Corolla

He had an idea to reduce food waste. It helped feed 2 million people

He had an idea to reduce food waste. It helped

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