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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rocket Pharmaceuticals presents preclinical data from the Company’s LAD-I and IMO gene therapy programs at the 2018 ESGCT.

The Project Forward initiative led by Athens-Based Arista Shipping, with Wärtsilä as one of the participants, demonstrates that with LNG as fuel, an advanced hull design, and highly efficient propulsion machinery, it will be possible to meet the IMO

Europe’s fuel oil market was rattled on Friday by reports that the Trump Administration may look to slow down the introduction of the new regulations limiting sulfur content in ship fuel in order to stave off a potential spike in fuel oil prices tha

Fatimata Abdul Ba, 40, spent most of the last year away from her home and family. Water and pasture where her animals could graze were in short supply near her village in northern Senegal’s Podor County, and she was forced to move almost 300 kilomet

WWF Adria počinje sa projektom smanjenja bacanja hrane u hotelima u Srbiji i Hrvatskoj, te traži konsultanta ili organizaciju sa iskustvom u sprovođenju održivih rešenja u sektoru ugostiteljstva. WWF će pomoći u ra

Six Dead in Bakersfield Shootings; Gunman Kills Self A shooting rampage in Bakersfield on Wednesday evening has left six people dead. The suspect killed five people in multiple locations before turning the gun on himself. Guest: Alex Hall  ACLU Reac

Devin Nunes’ House Race is California’s Most Expensive, by a Long Shot These midterms elections are officially the most expensive ever. That’s according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which has been tallying campaign filings just

California’s Senate Candidates Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León Debate Policy Visions U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and the man vying for her seat, state Senator Kevin de León, met for the first and only time ahead of the November election yest

Traders in Europe are not rushing to the 2019 tenders for fuel oil, expecting wild price volatility in the prices of both high-sulfur and low-sulfur fuel oil next year as the market will be preparing for the new International Maritime Organization (

This past week, I received information from a reader of Cruise Law News who lives in Bergen Norway. He explained that the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) is using drones equipped with measuring instruments to test sulphur levels in ship emissions

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