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If you recall a 2015 announcement by NASA celebrating the discovery of liquid water on Mars seeping down dusty slopes in dark streaks, you may remember a hubbub of excitement over the possibility of finding life-friendly environments there. Hitting

The Bear Run Cabin in Marblemount, Washington, captures the dual nature of the surrounding landscape – the dramatic peaks of the Cascade Mountains and the gently sloping adjacent woodlot. The building, designed by David Coleman Architecture, is car

Systematic analyses of spatiotemporal gene expression trajectories during organogenesis have been challenging because diverse cell types at different stages of maturation and differentiation coexist in the emerging tissues. We identified discrete ce

For the first time, the Los Angeles Fire Department Thursday plans to deploy drones to help coordinate its battle against a pair of wildfires threatening homes in the city. LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas said the drones will be used “for the first

Following a wave of Democratic calls for his seat the day prior, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken (D) resigned on Thursday, announcing his decision on the Senate floor. “I am proud that during my time in the Senate I have used my power to be a champi

This post updates readers on the guerrilla warfare conducted by anti-fossil fuel activists against corporations by means of shareholder resolutions. Background Last year activists took a scalp from Exxon Mobil when a resolution passed requiring the

Alufer Mining Ltd has provides an update on progress of the construction phase at the Bel Air bauxite mine in Guinea, which will employ a fleet of Wirtgen surface miners. The mining comprises the extraction of ore from six open pits 15 km from the e

On Dec. 2 1942, under the stands at the University of Chicago’s Stagg Field football stadium, Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi led an experimental team that produced humankind’s first controlled nuclear chain reaction — an event that marked the dawn of t

1 Keep an eye on the cold Check weather forecasts regularly and protect sensitive shrubbery from nighttime freezes from now through February. A string of holiday lights often provides enough warmth to do the job. Or support a bed sheet or clear plas

Researchers probing the complexities of Alzheimer’s disease have detected issues involving cellular energy production, and those problems may be an important contributor to the late-onset form of the illness. A team at Harvard-affiliated McLean H


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Singapore awards tunnel contract

Singapore awards tunnel contract

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much Work Remains

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan solar demand

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap exhibition

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap

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