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Veterinary checkpoints in Kassala
The three states of eastern Sudan, Kassala, Gadarif and Red Sea, are among the poorest in Sudan.  Chronic poverty and food insecurity is widespread. More than two thirds of the region’s population live in rural areas and more than a third of poor ho

Better veterinary services in remote areas
The Livestock Epidemio Surveillance Programme for Eastern Sudan (LESP-ES) aims to establish effective  epidemio-surveillance and control of trans-boundary animal diseases and priority diseases and link with national institutional frameworks through

A better life for women and girls
Poverty, marginalisation, traditions and customs together with gender blind plans and policies contribute to gender inequality in Sudan. Women and girls are traditionally responsible of all domestic work in Sudanese houses.  Moreover, they are burde

Mesquite clearance in Darassa – from dream to reality
Ahmed Mohammed Tahir Betay, President of Kassala state Legislative Council and former commissioner of Telkuk, admired the Darassa catchment integrated water resource action plan, saying that ‘to demonstrate the whole is better than only a part

From Despair to Dignity – The Emergency Response Project
The seasonal heavy rain that hit the eastern region of Sudan in the Summer of 2016, the flashfloods, caused substantial damage to most communities in Kassala state –  posing unique challenges and exposing the local communities to different areas of

Integrated water resources management (IWRM) is an important approach for the sustainable use of water resources, involving different sectors, while maintaining sustainability and observing regulation. Active community involvement is vital for a sus

Involving women in water projects in Talkok
The DfID funded Aqua 4 East water and sanitation (WASH) project in Talkok aims to increase women’s participation in its project activities despite the status of women in the locality.Women’s participation in WASH projects can have many b

The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement - Seeks to complete an Evaluation of Culverts Used As Bat Gates at Abandoned Mines in West Virginia.


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Marine Scientists Lead Comprehensive Review Of Giant Clams Species Worldwide

Marine Scientists Lead Comprehensive Review Of

Paris hosts major climate summit _ and it s all about Trump

Paris hosts major climate summit _ and it s all

Sources of long-term reference wind data in Ireland and southwest of Scotland: A consistency analysis

Sources of long-term reference wind data in

Québec Water & Wastewater Software Company to Expand into U.S.

Québec Water & Wastewater Software Company to

Audio: Amazon tribe’s traditional medicine encyclopedia gets an update, and conservation effectiveness in Madagascar examined

Audio: Amazon tribe’s traditional medicine

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