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Preparing for a Royal visit
WaterAid in Tanzania has been preparing for a visit by HRH the Prince of Wales to one of our projects in Dar Es Salaam. This visit is part of a very busy Royal tour which has taken in the Gulf and South Africa before coming to Tanzania.The day befor

HRH The Prince of Wales was today welcomed to Feri Street, Kigamboni, in Dar Es Salaam by a large and enthusiastic crowd keen to show him the safe, clean water source they run and which was installed with the support of WaterAid.Prince Charles was g
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Visiting a WaterAid project in Temeke, Dar Es Salaam
After the excitement of the Royal visit, it was back to normal life for WaterAid in Tanzania. Today we visited a water source in Nyambwela street, in the Temeke district of Dar Es Salaam.The electric pump in Nyambwela supplies safe, clean water to a
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Using the power of the sun to provide clean water
Today we visited Mkwambe, on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam where WaterAid has built a solar powered water pump and installed distribution points around the village. The village used to rely on traditional, hand-dug wells. This one was concrete line

July 13, 2018 – Chang-Hong Yu of the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory fell in love with running in 2008 and has since completed 38 marathons or longer-distance races. Her passion for long-distance races serves her well chasing ne

‘Better and better’: Thermal cameras turn up the heat on poachers
Nearly 2 million animals, mostly wildebeest and zebra, migrate roughly 800 kilometers (500 miles) each year between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve across the border in Kenya. Their joint search for fresh green g

Aim- and AltX-listed Kibo Mining has reached the final phase of discussions with the Tanzania Electric Supply company (Tanesco) regarding the power purchase agreement (PPA) for its Mbeya coal-to-power project (MCPP). Kibo on Friday resubmitted a ref

We’ve collected a few stories published this week by other news outlets. Tropical forests People have played a bigger role in the evolution of orangutans than we first thought (, Cardiff University/EurekAlert). New maps give scientists a
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[Daily News] THE Imperial Tobacco company, a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant plans to spend 1.0 million US dollars (about 2.25bn/-) in implementing a plant and conservation plan to address challenges of environmental degradation brought by
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[Daily News] Dodoma -THE MINISTRY of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries yesterday announced a plan to increase foreign earnings from cotton exports five-fold in the next two years and record 150 million US dollars (about 341.5 bn/-).

Sandia National Laboratories receives $10m from DOE to design a cheaper and more efficient solar energy system

Sandia National Laboratories receives $10m from

1800s technology unearthed in Spokane project

1800s technology unearthed in Spokane project

2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup Number 28

2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming

Former Ducks, Senators goalie Ray Emery drowns in Canada

Former Ducks, Senators goalie Ray Emery drowns in

Latam Eco Review: Spectacled bears in the spotlight

Latam Eco Review: Spectacled bears in the