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Kyiv PostRenewable energy advocate Zinchenko brings green power to the peopleKyiv PostHe doesn't, of course. So instead of magic tricks, he promotes energy innovations with his down-to-earth not-for-profit organization Greencubator, which suppor
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Averting a gas shortfall in Ukraine through a World Bank guarantee
Photo: David Lawrence / World Bank Group One September afternoon, my boss, Pankaj Gupta, popped his head into my office. He had some ideas about how the novel use of guarantees might help solve a type of problem we had not faced before. The Energy
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The Largest Exhibition and Conference in Ukraine on Blockchain and ICO Organized by Smile-Expo to Gather Over 2000 Participants
KIEV, Ukraine, March 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 29, Kyiv will host the largest exhibition and conference in Ukraine on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and ICO: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. This is the fifth annual event,
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Kyiv PostRenewable energy players leading the way in UkraineKyiv PostOnly 7.5 percent of the electricity generated in Ukraine comes from green sources, mainly from hydropower, according to Ukraine's Association of Renewable Energy. Growth could
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Kyiv PostTiger Conference: Political instability destroying renewable energy investor confidenceKyiv PostEcology Minister Ostap Semerak, Renewable Energy Association Chief Olexiy Orzhel, Batkivschyna MP Olexiy Ryabchyn, North University professor Pe

Ukraine winter Sometimes, wars aren’t won by tank battles and infantry assaults. Sometimes, it comes down to keeping the heat on. As Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine nears its fifth calendar year—and as Ukraine’s infamously cold winter draws near
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Kyiv PostRenewable energy investors return to Ukraine with cautious optimismKyiv PostUkraine, with its vast and windy steppes, meandering Dnipro River, year-round sunny weather and experience with nuclear power disaster, should be fertile ground for

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Daily Press Briefing: Counter-Terrorism, Somalia, Security Council, Colombia, Central African Republic, Yemen, Burundi, Haiti, Bangladesh, UNICEF, Innovation, Elder Abuse, Book Launch, Press Briefing Tomorrow Noon Briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spok

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Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann

Peace Corps mourns the loss of Mitchell Herrmann

Summer 2018. Coffin or unicorn? The creative disorder of the outdoor objects

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Strand promoted, continues leading reserve component engineer Soldiers

Strand promoted, continues leading reserve

Global Renewable Energy Transition Could Lead To Conflict Without Proper Management

Global Renewable Energy Transition Could Lead To

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Reveals Sun’s Magnetic Field

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