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We ask customers to be careful what they put down the drain after fats cause a minor sewer overflow.

Paul DobsonIssue 1169MeridaFebruary 16, 2018Worldworkers' rightsfarmers' rightsLatin AmericaVenezuelaLacteos Los Andes workers protest for their leaders' release.Venezuelan workers’ organisations have denounced illegal arrests, f

What impact does government funded basic research have on the economy?
Have the impact government funded basic research has on the economy? Dr. Lara Philips Schroeder, Founder and CEO of Spheryx Inc., answers your question in this edition of Ask a Scientist. Spheryx is supported by AmericaÂ?s Seed Fund powered by the N

US ballplayer&Number 39 s kidnapped mother is released
The mother of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Elias Diaz was released Sunday, three days after being kidnapped in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, authorities said. "Thank God, our security forces were able to rescue Mrs Ana Soto," Zulia's state governo

Another Sport is Plagued by Impossible Body Standards: Number NowWhat
  iStock/simonkr Figure skating is a beautiful sport, but unfortunately, it’s plagued with an ugly problem. Figure skating’s cold reality Some professional figure skaters combat eating disorders. For example, Akiko Suzuki, a Japanese profession
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… element for the fight of climate change," Vargas said. "Now … environment and the fight against climate change, but also for farmers.… make: “use soils to mitigate climate change or, instead, lead them to … Paris

Minimal recess, sleek design and discreet light source provides architectural flexibility

National Hispanic engineering organization honors two Sandia engineers
Sandia National Laboratories weapons engineers Humberto Santacruz, left; and Steven Trujillo were recognized for their technical achievements by Great Minds in STEM at the 29th Annual Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference. (Photo

Civic and community collaborate to tackle housing crises in Mountain View
Located just six miles outside of campus, Mountain View is an affluent city home to large corporations such as Google and LinkedIn, but the jobs-housing imbalance and swelling homelessness crisis there have prompted action from locals and city counc

Grammy Awards early winners include Kendrick Lamar, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Carrie Fisher
NEW YORK—Kendrick Lamar, the late actress Carrie Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up early Grammy Awards during the awards show premiere ceremony held hours before the big show.Fisher beat Bruce Springsteen for best spoken word album for T

Farewell to Development

Farewell to Development

How Farmers Benefit from Ag Equipment Co-ops

How Farmers Benefit from Ag Equipment Co-ops

Strathclyde physicists achieve new energies in ion acceleration

Strathclyde physicists achieve new energies in ion

Plans approved for €100m expansion of Malta airport

Plans approved for €100m expansion of Malta

Vinci in winning team for $700m New Zealand motorway

Vinci in winning team for $700m New Zealand

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