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IntroductionSoil enzymes play an important role in soil nutrient transformation and cycling (Garcia-Ruiz el al. 2008; Yao el al.2006). Further, soil enzyme activity is one of the important indices for evaluating soil fertility and environmental qual
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Bolivia’s path to urban resilience
Imagine you live in a city that floods, sometime for weeks, after extreme rainfalls. Imagine you live in that flooded city, where you and thousands of your neighbors must find a place to stay till the water has receded, and you finally can get back

WEDNESDAY 1/31 * Superfun/d Series @ Kings County Brewers Collective (381 Troutman St), 6pm, FREE, Learn about the latest happenings on our local superfund waterway: Newtown Creek. Will include a brief presentation reviewing the current state of th

Fang trafficking to China is putting Bolivia’s jaguars in jeopardy
  This report is the result of a journalistic collaboration between Mongabay Latam and Bolivia’s El Deber.   BOLIVIA — A skull rests in the hands of a hunter. It is a jaguar’s skull that has all of its teeth in place, except the four fangs

Fotowatio secures financing for 342MW PV portfolio in Mexico
Utility-scale PV project developer Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) has reached financial close for the 342MW Potosí Solar Farm in Mexico.
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Creating “Solid Ground” for gender equality in land access
In Brazil, a woman trained through the School of Women Leaders explains to her neighbors what she has learned. Photo: Maria do Carmo Carvalho / Habitat for Humanity [[tweetableDespite the fact that women represent about half of the global population

Hike to the Pando overlook via Lakeshore National Recreation Trail at Fish Lake for a glimpse of the world s most massive known living thing
At 106 acres, the Pando aspen grove near Fish Lake in Sevier County is hard to see as a single thing. Its thousands of trunks are united by a single root system, but up close, they look like a forest.The best spot to get a distant view of Pando — th

Utah’s Pando aspen grove is the most massive living thing known on Earth. It may die soon.
Fishlake National Forest • The leaves of the Pando aspen grove glow in the low sunshine of an October afternoon. The straight, vertical trunks repeat into the distance like a house of mirrors, and under a backlit canopy of foliage, Pando feels at on

NOV. 7 Suspicious person in a vehicle: 8:51 a.m. 27400 block of Iris Avenue Suspicious person/circumstances: 8:48 a.m. 22800 block of Via Santa Maria Vandalism report: 8:25 a.m. 25400 block of El Paseo Reckless driving: 8:14 a.m. Alicia Parkway and
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In some Indonesian villages, families live with and care for the bodies of their loved ones for months or years after they die. In Japan, relatives of the deceased use chopsticks to remove large bone fragments from cremated ashes. In Mexico, mummifi

Why didn’t the officer rush into Florida’s Parkland school mass shooting?

Why didn’t the officer rush into Florida’s

Environmental fate of nanopesticides: durability, sorption and photodegradation of nanoformulated clothianidin

Environmental fate of nanopesticides: durability,

California’s Recurring Nightmare: Nearly Half the State is Back in Drought

California’s Recurring Nightmare: Nearly Half the

Will California’s Water Wars Create A Constitutional Conundrum?

Will California’s Water Wars Create A

Sonnen Turns to South Australia for Solar Storage Manufacturing

Sonnen Turns to South Australia for Solar Storage

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