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- Press release European Commission Brussels, 18 May 2018 Following the green light of EU leaders at the informal meeting in Sofia, the European Commission has today taken steps to preserve the interests of European companies investing in Iran and d

The contentious (and absurd) concept of “loss and damage” compensation for climate change took several steps forward last week at the Bonn UN climate summit. In addition to a packed two-day conference, we now have an established cost estimate. Loss

The conservative National Review on Wednesday published a piece by J.J. McCullough, suggesting it was “time for a compromise on transgenderism.” What followed was a desperate attempt by other National Review columnists to out-do one anot
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SOFIA, Bulgaria, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vernam is developing a Decentralized P2P marketplace for the insurance sector. The platform will be broker free, cost efficient, data driven and transparent. Consumers will also be able to get up to 30% c

Which is a better deal: an established, off-the-shelf type of solar panel or a cutting-edge type that delivers more power for a given area but costs more? It turns out that’s far from a simple question, but a team of researchers at MIT and elsewhere
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SOFIA, Bulgarie, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- La Galerie nationale des beaux-arts de Sofia présente une incroyable exposition intitulée « La Toison d'or. La quête des Argonautes. » du 16 mars au 10 juin 2018. 62 superbes objets d'art anc

In fact, 10-year-old Sofia Rizzo, founder of Glitter Girl, an international cruelty-free makeup brand, is making glitter that is just as sparkly as any other, plus it has the added benefits of being vegan, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic. The pos
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Green and social democrat lawmakers have urged the EU Council to take a more ambitious stance on climate and energy goals, on the eve of a summit of European energy ministers in Sofia on 19 April, amid frustration over an apparent deadlock in negoti

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – The Gaping Hole in the Middle of the Circular Economy
The ‘circular economy’ is, in my opinion, a ruse to make affluent consumers feel that they can keep consuming without the need to change their habits. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the central reason for that is the necess

VARNA – The Municipality of Bluewater has postponed the April 16 regular council meeting due to extensive power outages.

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar manufacturing hub in Saudi Arabia

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar

Act now for sustainability Should companies be activists?

Act now for sustainability Should companies be

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint You: Part 3 LINK

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate Multinational Automotive Companies Should Conduct Risk Assessments

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate