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Abstract Supergene copper mineralization processes occur during the unroofing of porphyry copper deposits. However, the geomorphological stage during which the main mineralization occurs is still under debate. Here, we present 24 new thermochronolog

Massive primordial galaxies found in ?halo? of dark matter
Observations of two galaxies made with the National Science Foundation-funded Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope suggest that large galaxies formed faster than scientists had previously thought. The two galaxies, fi
GDF Suez

Transmisora Eléctrica del Norte (TEN), a subsidiary of ENGIE (50%) and Red Eléctrica Internacional (50%) put into service the first electricity interconnection between Mejillones (Antofagasta Region) and Cardones (Atacama Region) of 500 kilovolts of
European Union

The EU-funded Invisible Waters project is studying groundwater and competing uses in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile to develop an analytical framework for visualising, understanding and ultimately conserving this most vital resource.

Abstract Recent megathrust events in Tohoku (Japan), Maule (Chile) and Sumatra (Indonesia) were well recorded. Much has been learned about the dominant physical processes in megathrust zones: (partial) locking of the plate interface, detailed co-sei

For an article in the December issue, John Chadwick researched some of the latest ideas in ore and tailings slurries. As Ausenco notes, “slurry pipeline technology is a safe transportation alternative that minimises impacts on local communities and

Canada s Wealth Minerals, Chinese firm to bid for world’s largest lithium miner
Canada's Wealth Minerals (TSX-VE:WML) and Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital are said to be weighing an investment in Chile’s Chemical and Mining Society (SQM), the world's largest lithium producer. The two firms, mentioned in a Reuters report,

Inspirations’17 was’s flagship customer experience event aiming to bring together leading digital technology companies whose solutions have potential applications for the mining industry, along with the industry itself. Held on 26 an

The Giant Magellan Telescope, one of the next generation giant telescopes being built in the Chile Atacama desert. Australia is part of this project, which is expected to be finished by 2023. You can see the laser beams used to create Laser Guide St
Sci Tech Daily

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has uncovered the never-before-seen close encounter between two astoundingly bright and spectacularly massive galaxies in the early universe. These... The post ALMA Discovers Hyper-Luminous Ga

Singapore awards tunnel contract

Singapore awards tunnel contract

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much Work Remains

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan solar demand

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap exhibition

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap

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