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NEW YORK (AP) — NBC can count on making a profit for its 18 days of telecasting the Winter Olympics from South Korea. The network’s ratings started strong and slipped a bit as the games went on, and executives say it will end up about where th

Russia remained the top crude oil supplier to China in January, data showed, beginning 2018 on a strong note after the start-up of an expanded trans-Siberia pipeline and as Beijing released more crude import quotas to independent refiners. Angola an

In the 1990s, societies across the world were confronted with a sudden mass inflow of Chinese migrants. Transnational Chinese investigates the global nature of this migration by focusing on one of the fastest growing groups of new Chinese internatio

The SARS epidemic of 2003 was one of the most serious public health crises of our times. The event, which lasted only a few months, is best seen as a warning shot, a wake-up call for public health professionals, security officials, economic planners

Why do most people never have sex with close relatives? And why do they disapprove of other people doing so? Incest Avoidance and Incest Taboos investigates our human inclination to avoid incest and the powerful taboo against incest found in all soc

By Nastassja Salem  “This entire experience has proved to me that creativity and collaborative business models can create powerful, viable solution for fashion’s waste…I am even more determined to be part of solving the problems out there.” So says

Taiwan's announcement comes shortly after Scotland, the European Union and some multinational corporations said they were all taking steps to phase-out single-use material.

Abstract The important roles of low level jet (LLJ) in transport of heat, moisture, and pollutants have long been recognized. However, partly due to the lack of long-term observations, the characteristics of LLJs in Beijing and Guangzhou have not be

The Late Mesozoic Pucheng granitic complex in northern Fujian Province is composed of the Chengbu and Shipi peralkaline A-type granitoids, the Pucheng A-type granitoid, and the Yongxing I-type granitoid. The Chengbu and Shipi peralkaline granitoids
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By Mostafiz UddinFeb 21 2018 (The Daily Star, Bangladesh)Whenever there is a discussion about trade, investments, exports and economic growth, quite often much focus is placed upon infrastructure as the core challenge of our export growth. But is it

Why didn’t the officer rush into Florida’s Parkland school mass shooting?

Why didn’t the officer rush into Florida’s

Environmental fate of nanopesticides: durability, sorption and photodegradation of nanoformulated clothianidin

Environmental fate of nanopesticides: durability,

California’s Recurring Nightmare: Nearly Half the State is Back in Drought

California’s Recurring Nightmare: Nearly Half the

Will California’s Water Wars Create A Constitutional Conundrum?

Will California’s Water Wars Create A

Sonnen Turns to South Australia for Solar Storage Manufacturing

Sonnen Turns to South Australia for Solar Storage

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