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The court awarded Chevron Corporation $38 million in damages and interest and issued a permanent injunction against the defendants, preventing them from assisting or supporting the case against Chevron in any way.
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GIBRALTAR, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Winding Tree Foundation, a Swiss travel company that seeks to reverse the travel industry's consolidation, announced today that it has made hit multiple goals in its development roadmap. Winding Tree aro
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By LNG World News GasLog Partners said Wednesday it will buy from its parent company GasLog Ltd. the 174,000-cbm GasLog Gibraltar LNG carrier for a purchase price of $207 million. The tri-fuel diesel electric liquefied natural gas carrier built in 2

img-20180221-wa0000.jpg © UNESCO On 20 February 2018, UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme met with local actors from the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean and
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Legislative move will boost scope for renewable energyGibraltar ChronicleCustomers of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority will be able to feed electricity generated at home from renewable sources back into the grid, under draft legislation published

We already know that climate change influences such Earth processes as erosion and fluctuations in sea levels. But do surface processes in turn have an influence on volcanic activity? This was the question raised by geologists from the University of

Geologists from UNIGE, working with the University of Orléans, University Pierre and Marie Curie and the ICTJA-CSIC Institute analyzed volcanic data from the Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, when the Strait of Gibraltar was blocke

Saturn s biggest moon has enough energy to power a US-sized space colony
Feeling like you’ve had enough of this planet? Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, is an attractive option for a space colony, according to new research. Amanda Hendrix of the Planetary Science Institute and Yuk Yung of the California Institu

A Halifax court issued last week a warrant for the seizure of an oil tanker that holds crude oil from Kurdistan, which was last spotted off the Canadian coast, Kurdish media network Rudaw reported on Monday. The oil tanker—loaded with crude from Kur

No doubt when faced with the question “Who’s the biggest oil guzzler in the world?” one would immediately think about the U.S. or China. Or perhaps India. Few of us, however, would say Gibraltar. Yet on a per-capita basis, Gibraltar is the world’s t

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

Is Alberta conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar manufacturing hub in Saudi Arabia

LONGi signs agreement to develop major solar

Act now for sustainability Should companies be activists?

Act now for sustainability Should companies be

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint You: Part 3 LINK

Three Ways Distribution Circuits Will Disappoint

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate Multinational Automotive Companies Should Conduct Risk Assessments

Recent Enforcement Actions Demonstrate