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Light-filled family home sensitively embraces a British Islands native landscape
When DLM Architects was asked to create an energy-efficient and sustainable family home in St Peter Port of Guernsey, the site’s densely planted vegetation proved both a boon and a challenge. The local planning department had imposed many site rest

The introduction of the Island of Guernsey’s new “pay as you throw” system will begin next year, according to States of Guernsey officials.  Ahead of the introduction, from September this year, new collections will also be introduced for food waste
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Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP (NYSE: TEP) (“Tallgrass”) and Silver Creek Midstream, LLC (“Silver Creek”) announced today that they have signed definitive documents to develop the Iron Horse Pipeline (“Iron Horse”), a joint venture pipeline to transp

Torpedo Rides Ashore in High Tide
Herm, Guernsey Due to some abnormally strong tides, a British WWII torpedo was unearthed on a beach in Herm. The Guernsey Police bomb squad went out to the island to investigate, and were happy to find that the item did not contain explosives.

This article is the second in a three-part series on the Suniva/SolarWorld trade case and is featured on Renewable Energy World. The 201 trade case is being financed and organized by Suniva’s “Debtors in Possession” or DIPs. These firms want their m
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reNewsGuernsey tunes to Zephir channelreNewsThe States of Guernsey Renewable Energy Team is deploying a Zephir lidar today at the Chouet headland in order to help assess site options for an offshore wind farm off the island's coast. The lidar wi
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Study concludes that offshore wind viable in several Guernsey locationsRenewable Energy FocusPeter Barnes, Lead Officer for the Renewable Energy Team, said 'Wind technology is continuing to mature and will offer increased levels of security and
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Report concludes 30MW wind farm could create independent energy supply

C.H. Guernsey & Company won 975000.00 contract from the Department of the Air Force to conduct A-E IDIQ. The contract was solicited under solicitation ALTUS-A-E-001

Camp Guernsey Unexploded Ordnance Briefing Part I This is required view prior to attending any matches at Camp Guernsey. From: bluker1 Views: 2699 7 ratings Time: 07:09 More in Entertainment

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