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A consortium of the Societe Miniere de Boke (SMB) and Singapore's Winning Shipping plans to build Guinea's first alumina refinery in a $3 billion effort to develop the West African country's bauxite industry, it said on Monday. Guinea has about a th

GLR Advanced Recycling has announced it has sold all of its paper recycling operations, citing a “good opportunity.” GLR CEO Sandy Rosen says in June 2017 the company sold two paper processing plants, one each in the Michigan cities of Flint an

Here’s How Much Arctic Sea Ice Has Melted Since the ‘80s
Arctic sea ice has been melting at a steady clip this summer as it heads toward its annual low point. But a new chart shows that with nearly two months still left in the melt season, sea ice area is already below what would have been a yearly low in

We Couldn’t Monitor Larsen C Without These Satellites
The Larsen C ice shelf is about to calve one of the biggest icebergs on record. The iceberg-to-be is hanging on by a thread, with just eight miles of solid ice standing in the way of a rift that’s spent years carving through the ice. Scientist

This weekend, the EPA issued a sizable middle finger to the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out for the People’s Climate March on Saturday by erasing pages of climate info from its website. Late on Friday, the agency announced that they w

The Arctic Is Warm Again Because Of Course It Is
It’s the story that’s starting to write itself. Incredibly mild air is surging into the Arctic again, cranking up the heat as melt season gets underway. Mild weather has been the norm for the region month after month for awhile now. But

Arctic Sea Ice Continues Its Astonishing Streak of Lows
Here’s your monthly reminder: something just isn’t right in the Arctic. February continued a string of record or near-record monthly sea ice lows. Warm weather ensured Arctic sea ice hit its lowest extent ever recorded for February. Sea

Global Sea Ice at Record Low: What Happens When All the Ice Melts?
Ocean Leadership ~ (Click to enlarge) Sea ice cover remains at record-low levels globally. (Credit: © trebro / Fotolia) We’re in the final month of meteorological winter, and Arctic sea ice extent continues to set record lows. (From The Weathe

Arctic temperatures have finally started to cool off after yet another winter heat wave stunted sea ice growth over the weekend. The repeated bouts of warm weather this season have stunned even seasoned polar researchers, and could push the Arctic t
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Temperatures in the Arctic are predicted to soar nearly 50 degrees above normal on Thursday in a pre-Christmas heat wave that will bring the frozen tundra scarily close to the melting point.It’s the second year in a row the North Pole ? now&nb

Singapore awards tunnel contract

Singapore awards tunnel contract

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much Work Remains

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan solar demand

Neo Solar Power benefiting from domestic Taiwan

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap exhibition

Disability and design. At the Smithsonian a recap

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