The invention concerns a structure of a CMOS active pixel, comprising a semi-conductive substrate (1) of a first type, at least one first photodiode operating in photovoltaic mode comprising a photovoltaic conversion area (2) defined by a doped area

In one embodiment, a camera includes an image sensor within a camera housing that converts light entering the camera housing through an optical filter into digital image data. The optical filter can have a variable opacity. A processor in communicat

This disclosure also teaches a system and method for scanning a specimen into a focus-stacked scan. In one embodiment, a method for scanning the specimen into a focus-stacked scan can comprise illuminating the specimen with a light. The specimen can

There are provided a method and system for color correcting displays with different color gamuts. The method includes performing color correction on source picture content, using at least one of a non-reference type display having a non-reference co

An optical scanning apparatus includes a deflector for scanningly deflecting a beam; a scanning lens for imaging the beam deflected by the deflector on a surface; a casing for a light source, the deflector and the lens; and an elastic member urging

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing an unregistered user with access to a network in a secure and efficient manner. A random, on-demand password is generated and the password is associated with an account that permits the user to access

Presently disclosed are systems and methods for identifying interconnections among physical-layer cross-connect switches. One embodiment takes the form of a method of discovering external connections among a plurality of interconnected physical-laye
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A base station may generate and transmit a transport stream including a sequence of frames. A frame may include a plurality of partitions, where each partition includes a corresponding set of OFDM symbols. For each partition, the OFDM symbols in tha

In a multi-carrier wireless system, potential problems from reconfiguring mobile station resources to accommodate changes in component-carrier configuration are mitigated by inserting a guard period each time the configuration of component carriers
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In a wireless OFDM multi-carrier communication system, a mobile station obtains measurement result of a first received signal strength indication (RSSI) of a first preamble signal transmitted from a base station over a first radio frequency (RF) car

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