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Here s What NASA s Toasty Camera Saw As It Melted After a SpaceX Launch.When a SpaceX rocket launches, it's awesome. But when a SpaceX rocket launch sparks a brush fire that melts a NASA photographer's camera, it goes viral. Now you can see what the camera saw as it

World s Oldest Dandruff Left Behind by Very Embarrassed Dinosaurs.The world's oldest dandruff has been found in a feathered dinosaur fossil — and scientists are stoked.

What s the Absolutely Amazing Theory of Almost Everything?.Here's why the Standard Model of particle physics is seriously amazing.

Surging gas prices could fuel backlash against Trump.President Donald Trump is hoping a wave of tax-cut-fueled economic euphoria will boost his approval ratings and his party’s political fortunes this fall. A sharp spike in gas prices could slam the

Visualizing U.S. Energy Consumption In One Chart.Every year, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a federal research facility funded by the Department of Energy and UC Berkeley, puts out a fascinating Sankey diagram that shows the fate of all