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Comments to Arizona Corporation Commission regarding APS’s Self-Direct Program.Regulatory FilingThese comments were submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission, and relate to the Arizona Public Service Company's Self Direct Program. Docket E-01345A-17-0134. az-aps-121218.pdf

Cost-Effectiveness Tests: Overview of State Approaches to Account for Health and Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficiency.Topic BriefCassandra Kubes The value of utility demand-side energy efficiency programs extends beyond energy savings. Yet when states evaluate cost effectiveness, they undervalue or fail to include

Indonesia Economic Quarterly Strengthening Competitiveness.Indonesia Economic Quarterly Strengthening Competitiveness

Corporate report: CSC annual report 2018.Corporate report: CSC annual report 2018

Winning in 2019.Support a winning movement in 2019!The Power Shift Network is doing groundbreaking work to organize and support young people who are leading the fight to defend our communities and our planet.Can you