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Clemetric.Clemetric won a $1,007,664.00 contract from Department of Health and Human Services for conducting Management of the Primate Aging Database. Contract was solicited under solicitation

False Consensus: The Onion Spoofs Climate Science.The Onion’s recent satire on climate science, “Climate Researchers Warn Only Hope For Humanity Now Lies In Possibility They Making All Of This Up,” presents a paradox worth solving. “Saying the time

Australian prime minister abandons climate change targets.Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ditched plans for the country to reach emissions targets aimed at combatting climate change.Turnbull made the announcement Monday, telling reporters that

World-Renowned Scientists: California Must Operate on 100 Percent Clean Electricity.World-Renowned Scientists: California Must Operate on 100 Percent Clean ElectricityOAKLAND, Calif. (August 20, 2018)—Amid a summer of record-setting heat and wildfires exacerbated by climate change,

Business Leaders on SDG Strategy.Urgent action is required on the SDGs if we are to achieve the targets set and unlock the $12 trillion in new market value. ‘There is no Plan B’ urged Lise Kingo, CEO, UN Global