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2 stories in 1 minute.August 15, 2017 -- Thompson Power offers Cat microgrid, storage gear... ReneSola sells community solar projects to Nautilus

Report identifies mechanisms to fund uptake and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels at Seattle-Tacoma.Fri 21 July 2017 - Although the premium has come down considerably since their introduction in 2008, the current cost of sustainable aviation fuels is still around three times higher than conventional

Pakistan s ferrous scrap demand likely to rise.In an interview with India-based SteelMint, Khurram Javaid, CEO and director at Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Ltd., a Pakistani steelmaker that produces 1.1 million metric tons annually and

Reukema prepares to celebrate 100 years.Netherlands-based scrap recycling firm Reukema will celebrate 100 years in business by hosting guests on the evening of Thursday, August 31, at its headquarters and recycling facility in

EPA fines company for failure to clean up Bairnsdale tyre stockpile.EPA has fined Whelans Group nearly $8,000 for failing to comply with an order to reduce a tyre stockpile equivalent to more than 20,000 waste car tyres at its Bairnsdale site.