Naeva Geophysics

    • Corporate Headquarters
    • 225 N. Route 303, Suite 102
    • Congers
    • New York

    Corporate Summary

    NAEVA’s management and staff of geologists and geophysicists have extensive experience in geophysical survey design, data acquisition, and data processing and interpretation. Our geophysical processors utilize computer-assisted data analysis, mapping, and modeling systems to provide the interpretation and necessary documentation. To date, NAEVA has performed digital mapping on thousands of acres in all types of terrain and vegetation, and has prepared and had approved multiple Geophysical Investigation Plans. NAEVA’s history of successful project performance has enabled us to offer quality geophysical services using a suite of geophysical methods. Our clientele typically request our professional services for identifying both naturally-occurring and human-induced anomalous subsurface conditions in environmental, groundwater, engineering studies, and UXO remediation projects. NAEVA Geophysics Inc. provides integrated geophysical services from method selection through delivery of the final report in a timely and cost-effective manner. Government agencies as well as consulting companies and their clients have benefited from our professional environmental geophysical services.
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